New Republic Hatchet Job on Rand Paul

Sen. Ran Paul Poses for The New Republic With Fingers Crossed

First off, know that the New Republic is bent on destroying the old republic which was for a time the greatest nation the earth has possibly ever had when we trusted in God and respected one another.  The New Republic is counting on people seeing this picture and thinking, “You only cross your fingers when you are lying”, but that is not true.  In fact, anyone who has served in the military will tell you it is a sign of distress or for whoever sees a picture to know the person is under attack or being forced into the situation.  Remember this image years ago?

Now, are we not supposed to trust this soldier?  He is obviously saying he doesn’t like Hillary, she is the enemy, and he is being forced to play a part in this charade.  Thus, when you see Rand Paul crossing his fingers  and it’s the New Republic, you can guess what he is saying about those people.  There is an all out war against truth via the major media and their elite supported special foundations and rags.  Isn’t it nice to know that they can’t fool all of us?


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