Randy Quaid Exposes Hollywood Star Whacking

Thanks to another blogger I just watched this video.  This information is quite revealing and obviously has not had a lot of airplay. Of course the call Mr. Quaid paranoid and delusional.  I was accused of the same thing in the 1990’s when I exposed the CFR and black helicopters harassing Americans who dared to speak out.  Watch the videos and decide, and thanks to the  fellow blogger who tipped me off on this.  I always like new information and while I may be on the fence on stuff, we can’t learn if we don’t expose our minds to different things.



Mr. Quaid obviously is not coming out about this stuff to make money.  So, if it’s not about the money, could it be about the truth?  I have long thought the Brittany Spears was sabotaged and harassed to the point of going nuts and thus ruining her career because she didn’t want to go along with the “program” to corrupt our youth.   These kids become filthy rich, but if you watch them they all appear to be suffering mental distress.  I was wondering the other day about Alanis Morrissette who sort of disappeared after a couple very successful albums.


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