More Proof We are Winning – IRS Training with AR-15

The boss never comes out unless something is wrong.  The prison warden doesn’t need to make an example out of anyone unless he feels the inmates are acting up too much.  Thus, when I saw this video, I was not disheartened my friends.  No, it’s just the opposite.  The PTB is so scared they are not training IRS agents to use AR-15 rifles.  And I will be these are “Assault Rifles” which means capable of full automatic fire!

This is coming from a U.S. Congressman who was touring a DHS facility.  What is IRS doing at a DHS facility learning how to shoot these weapons?  Are they planning on some massive attacks needed to put we the people back in our proper place to lick their boots and say, “Yessum Massa, sorry Massa”?    They can go straight to hell if that is what they think will happen.  The people are waking up day by day and hour by hour and it’s thanks to the truth warriors known as watchmen.  It’s time to blow the shofar my friends for I do believe we shall see amazing things soon!


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