Chicagoland Bloodbath Father’s Day Weekend

This image from video provided by WFLD Fox Chicago on Monday, Sept. 28, 2009 shows a person swinging a wooden two-by-four during a fight on Chicago's South Side on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009. Prosecutors have charged three teenagers with first-degree murder in the beating death of Chicago student Derrion Albert who was walking home from school when this fight occurred. Family members believe the 16-year-old was fatally beaten Thursday for refusing to join a gang. But some witnesses say he was a bystander who was swept into a violent fight. (AP Photo/WFLD Fox Chicago)

Chicago thugs on a rampage in another incident. Click image for the story.

This is what happens when you let communist / liberals take over a city.  Chicago is a city known for it’s dirty politicians and paid off cops.  Sorry, for those in the police who take umbrage at that, but it’s how people view corrupt cities.  It’s a city full of bribes and payoffs.  They have some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation and yet they have the worst crime / murder rates as well due to out of control gangs shooting each other and unarmed citizens.  This is what they want to do to the rest of America and we  the reasonable say, “HELL NO”!

6 dead among 24 shot Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning

By Peter Nickeas, Anthony Souffle and Carlos Sadovi Chicago Tribune

Two dozen people were shot Saturday afternoon into Father’s Day Sunday across the city, according to authorities.

Of the 24 people shot, six died either at the crime scenes or at local hospitals. The youngest was 16. One of the men killed was an armed man shot by police after he raised a 9-millimeter handgun in their direction after bailing from a moving car, authorities said.

The shootings stretched from 9400 S. Loomis Avenue on the South Side up to about North Avenue and Pulaski in the Hermosa neighborhood.  MORE

When you disarm the people, against the obvious rules of our Constitution, you tell the criminals they have easy victims!  It’s quite simple really.  If there are no means to stop bad behavior then the lawless run amok.  It’s plain old common sense.  If you set jars of candy and cookie jars out in easy reach of children and say, “Don’t touch these while Mommy and Daddy are gone” the little monsters will get into them especially if there is little response to punish them.  The reward vs. the risk is too great for them to control themselves.  Drugs and other vices are easy money so you have the thugs making a living and paying off politicians and cops to look the other way.  Is this what we want for America?

We certainly see it increasing in Washington.  The payoffs for Obamacare got states to support it in Washington and now that the real costs are coming apparent the people are starting to panic.  This is what happens when reality bites you in the ass.  I’m sure the really well off have nothing to fear in Chicago, but what about the regular working Joes and Janes?  What about the retired who cannot afford to move?  They are simply at the criminals mercy.  You might as well put out a welcome sign saying, “COME ROB and MURDER”!

This is how Obama and his ilk run things and it’s not just Chicago. Look at any liberal controlled states. They are being ruined and it’s all by design so the people can demand they fix it, and boy to they have a fix for them!  Give up all rights, give up all hope for building a better life and send all your money to Washington so they can give you “free healthcare, food, housing, education” if you meet their requirements.  I am pretty sure just as in Greece we will start seeing debtors prisons rising up again to make you low life shiftless and lazy people pay back what you owe the government and their banker allies.  It’s not the government’s fault we are bankrupt, have no jobs and can’t afford to live here as we used to. It’s our fault.

How is it our fault? Because people do believe in free handouts. They do believe money just flows from Washington, and they have no responsibility for it because the welfare state is now a state of mind.  We expect the government to protect us.  We have allowed this crap to go on for generations while the behemoth in Washington has grown out of control.  It’s time to cut the head off of Goliath.  It’s time for the States to demand fiscal responsibility and to refuse to send any tax dollars to Washington if they refuse to change.  I don’t expect any of this to happen. I expect to see us go bankrupt and live in chaos for some time and in the end, we will live in a complete State controlled NWO system…. for a season.   The people won’t stand for it for very long.

Is this the future you seek for your children?


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