US GOV’T = Hogan’s Hero’s

The lack of knowledge or our highest leaders is astounding and quite frankly beyond belief.  How can these Ivy league educated lawyers and professionals be so stupid? If I were Columbia, Harvard, Yale, etc. I would be rescinding their diploma’s and demanding an accounting of just how they managed to get through their schools with this kind of incompetence. For instance, watch this little questioning of the FBI director who is supposedly the best investigator of the best investigative agency in the world:

How do they get away with this crap? Well, let me state the obvious…..





Why does all of this matter? It matters simply because you are no longer free to communicate with friends and feel secure in sharing your views without some reprisal from a government agent.  I am not talking about just criminals who have a reason to truly hide their activities, but simply just talking and sharing with friends whatever you want.  Imagine you are interested in politics or some more public job.  Imagine you are not in line with the thinking of the current political regime, and they want to shut you up or keep you out of that job.  Now imagine they can comb through all your emails and phone calls for the past decade or more and try to dig up dirt to put out about you via some “third party” anonymous person.

It is none of their business what you share with your friends in an email or phone call unless they have reasonable suspicion that you are involved in criminal activity and present proper evidence of that to request a wiretap or search warrant.  Now, they can just comb through your communications under some claim of “national security”.  Can you imagine the founding fathers allowing this sort of infringement of privacy?

So in essence the government is saying “TRUST US”.



3 comments on “US GOV’T = Hogan’s Hero’s

  1. You wrote above:
    ” If I were Columbia, Harvard, Yale, etc. I would be rescinding their diploma’s and demanding an accounting of just how they managed to get through their schools with this kind of incompetence.”
    As a formerly proud recipient of a couple of Harvard degrees, I feel compelled to point out to you (1) that Oprah Winfrey gave the commencement address to the unfortunate Harvard Class of 2013, thereby possibly trashing the school’s reputation as an institution of higher learning FOREVER, (2) Harvard and Columbia have gone out of their way, to truly extraordinary lengths, to cover up all of Obama’s lies and criminal misrepresentation of his education and life history, (3) the sad reality is that Columbia, Harvard, and Yale (listed alphabetically) or “Harvard, Yale, and Columbia” (listed in the order in which they were founded) have largely become anti-American International Globalist schools whose wealth and prestige is largely dedicated to the denigration of our country, our constitution, and the Christian Religion which was the founding principal of all three.

    Few today can believe it when they learn or realize that Harvard University’s full motto is not “Veritas” but “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae” (“Truth through Christ and the Church”). This motto is still inscribed on the gates to the Yard and over many portals to and in the hallways of the older buildings all over campus. Christ and Church have no governing place with Harvard’s administration or faculty anymore (the “Church” was the Church of England, Harvard’s two Charters having come from King Charles I & II Stuart, reaffirmed by King William III of Orange). And as for Truth—I have come to the conclusion that, with regard to most aspects of present reality, Harvard’s administration and faculty are more dedicated to its suppression than to its illumination. Brining in Oprah Winfrey as the year’s Commencement speaker pretty much reveals the heart and soul of school that has utterly and completely “sold out” to the Political-Media establishment. Of what importance is Oprah Winfrey to Truth, Christ, or the Church? Zero. Of what importance is Oprah Winfrey to the crusade by Obama and Hollywood to destroy traditional America? EVERYTHING. Harvard has chosen the spiritual leader for its symbolic path: to hasten the day “when the seed of the pilgrims is gone.” (That’s the last line of the graduation anthem at Harvard “By these Festival Rights”)

    • Wow, that’s a hell of a rant and informative. I had no idea of Harvard’s full motto. It’s hard to see our beloved country be destroyed, but we are allowing it.I think it’s the ‘ol “What can I do” syndrome. I blog, but could I do more? Should I be standing on a street corner like one of those crazy “The end of the world is coming” people? I pray, write, and try to stay balanced.

      Thanks for your words of truth.

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