Rand Paul Sues Over NSA Scandal – Sign Petition to be part of lawsuit


This whole, “He broke the law” and thus demonizing Snowden’s action flies in the face of the criminal unconstitutional actions of the American Government.  Listen to this interview and ask yourself if those people interrogating Rand work for the people or the Obama administration.  It seems they are carrying the water so openly for the Obama administration.

Let’s see, they put gag orders on congressman, then accuse them of not saying anything.  These reporters / interrogators must be remembered when the SHTF because millions of American’s thoughts are influenced by our media, and they are pushing an agenda that is negative for the average American.  It’s time to end the Fed, end the IRS, end NSA, end CIA, end welfare, end war on poverty, end corporate welfare, and stop the insider dealing in Washington.  These people work for banks, military industrial complex, big corporations lobbying congress, then they go to work for congressman / Whitehouse in the government cutting more deals with the same industry.  They had legalized insider trading that when caught simply made a law to stop it and now are working quietly without media scrutiny to remove that law.  How is it they go to Washington well off by not filthy rich and come out filthy rich?  How is it they vote huge benefits for themselves, live like kings and pass laws exempting themselves from those same laws?


If it’s good enough to be a law then it’s good enough for ALL Americans, especially those voting on the damn laws to live under!  It is time to clean out our government, stop paying taxes, stop funding them, shut down the FED, IRS,NSA, CIA, FBI and return the rule of law back where it belongs which is the individual States and their citizens.

Remember, Rosa Parks broke the law too, but I dare say you will not find anyone calling her a traitor or recommending she be demonized.


Remember too, that all revolutions typically start with people willing to fight back and be called traitors and criminals.  Our founding fathers all had bounties on their heads!


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