Freedom Lost – “Death by a thousand cuts” Adolph Hitler

This video is going to show you how America is dying. Our once proud and independent people are nothing more than lapdogs waiting for a handout and permission to live as long as we please our masters.  We are the frogs in a boiling pot of water.  The water is no longer tepid, but a rapid boil, and how long will do we have and is it even possible to get out of this pot?  The answer lies within each of us.  Even if we try to jump out is there are frying pan underneath which we will land on while we believe we are making a difference? Is this pessimism meant to be instilled so we do nothing?   Stop waiting for someone else to change things.  BE THE CHANGE!

Start your community freedom network.  Set up a method to care for one another when the grocery stores are empty and there is no fuel for your car.  Get to know your neighbors, and work together. It’s time to work in love and unity together and to hell with the government.

It’s really too bad Hitler didn’t use “Resettlement Camps” instead of “Concentration Camps”.  These scum always change words, but their works are always the same.  You shall know them by their fruit.

Internment Camps Set Up By U.S. Government

PDF Document FM-3-39.40


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