American Nazi Movement Alive and Growing

If you think we defeated the Nazi’s at the end of WWII, then you have been duped.  We defeated Hitler’s control of the program to of National Socialism and his blitzkreig across Europe, but we imported the philosophy and methodologies of the Nazi machine.  We have become what Hitler wanted, and the world is succumbing to the NAZI totalitarian control.

This video is a very good primer to understand what has happened. I found this on Infowars, and recommend that you visit there daily if possible.  Part of the article also linked to two other articles that tell how our banking crisis is linked to the NAZI’s.  They never died, they never gave up.  The NAZI’s switched countries.  The website, Consortium news has these two articles:

How Wall St. Bailed Out the Nazis,” by Jerry Meldon


Hitler’s Shadow Reaches toward Today,” by Robert Parry.


This video will be very helpful:


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