“Yessum Massa….Sorry Massa…. Ah didn’t mean to look at you Massa”– Cops demand we not look at them in a dehumanizing way

Ok, what is it going to take for the people to stand up and say “NO MORE”? I’m sure this is what the fascist thugs in government / police stazi must be asking themselves.  This story in Miami is just more proof of the out of control cops and I can’t help but think the higher ups want this behavior from their cop dogs:

Florida Teen Slammed to Ground for Giving Cops “Dehumanizing Stares”


14-year-old Tremaine McMillian was slammed to the ground and put in a choke hold over the Memorial Day weekend for the crime of giving Miami-Dade cops “dehumanizing stares.” The police also didn’t approve of his body language and reacted violently to his failure to obey commands. The teen’s mother captured the incident on her cell phone.

The teen insists his only crime was ignoring the police and walking away. “I feel that should never have happened,” he told CBS Miami. “I don’t like it. I feel sad. He got in front of me on the ATC and he slammed my hand. Then he started choking me.” McMillian said his dog was injured during the take down on Haul over Beach in Miami.

“I ran over with my son and used my cell phone when I saw my son and he couldn’t breathe,” said Maurissa Holmes, the teen’s mother. “There was no reason to slam him on the ground like that the way they did. He’s a child, not an adult. For them to jump off their ATV and do this, this is wrong. I want justice. You don’t do that to a child.”

The incident occurred after police said McMillian was involved in an incident with another teen. The police “told him that behavior was unacceptable,” said Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta. “He walked away and officers followed him. They asked where his parents were. He said he was not going to take them to them. When he started to leave the beach area, officers had to get off their ATVs to detain him. He had closed arms, clenched fists and pulled his arm away.”  More



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