How are you feeling?

I am writing this article because I want specific feedback.  I believe those who read my blog regularly are truth seekers.  A majority might already agree with me on what I say or the articles I share from other sites, but I know some of you are either in complete disagreement or highly skeptical.  I want to know how you are feeling about the direction of America, the loss of privacy, the intrusion into our lives by the government, the pending war drums, and the various scandals.  No, I don’t mean a run down on each issue, but is your general feeling and thoughts about our world in the positive or negative?

I want to hear your thoughts (please no flaming posts because I won’t approve them) and feelings.  Do you feel you and your children have the same opportunity today that we once had?  Do you feel safe or are you concerned about the next heavy hand of government intruding in your life?  You should know my feelings as I don’t hide them.  So, please click the comment button and tell me how you are feeling.  Are you sharing the information with your friends? What is their reaction?  Has your family stayed in the dark or are they waking up?  What are you doing to prepare for possible tough times?


I thank you in advance for sharing.




18 comments on “How are you feeling?

  1. I am feeling quite bad about where Americans government are trying to control every thing. Last Friday, I felt so bad that I ran away from home. I’m back now, as I didn’t know how long it would be coming. I really didn’t have any place to go. I when to a friends and she told me that I was crazy and I needed to go to the doctor and get some meds, She told me that she wouldn’t fight. I think she’s the one that needs to go to the doctor.

    • Remember the line, “Never let em see you sweat”? Keep your heart focused and know all is happening as planned. Do what you can, find joy in the world, and know you are never alone. We may feel we are, but it’s an illusion. The combined love of God, all those who love God, and desire peace surrounds us though we often never see it. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. And also remember we were told to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Know when not to cast pearls to swine. I hope you understand me.

      In love and peace,


      • I look around at everything that is happening in the world today and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I see the loss of our civil liberties to the stretching grasp of an increasingly fascist regime, the willful destruction of the greatest economy in the history of the world, the wars and rumors of wars and the pending civil conflict here in America and I feel very negative about the future. On the other hand, I look around and watch prophecies being fulfilled nearly everyday and I feel very positive because everything points to the return of the Messiah in the very near future. Thanks be for the promises of God and for the prophecies that point to the return of our Lord, for without them I would see no hope left for humanity. In the meantime I try to prepare as best as I can for all eventualities and do my small part in trying to open the eyes of my fellow humans to what is really going on. Keep up the good work and God bless you daily!

  2. Hello Christina,

    I am a 63 year old fellow who spent 13 months on the DMZ with Lima company as a grunt and finished with 60 mike mikes, and then with H & S company [81mike mikes], 3/9, 3rd Marine Division, U.S. Marines, commencing in August of 1968. My time was all in the bush [mountains really]. I came home with wide open eyes!

    I have a CAR, but no PH. i looked up from reading my Bible and saw 3 NVA who passed by me, never noticing me. The beat of that drum could consume pages if I chose to keep those memories. However, what you will hear from me is all about the tight brotherhood. What you will hear from me is “flipping the NVA off between 122mm rocket attacks, quite stoned, and listening to Hanoi Hanna” who transmitted Woodstock live:~))) I came home to the welcome of that festival in September of 69. … Enough said in public:~)

    I intend to write a book about war, and Lee Roddy said “there are only about a few million of them.” I replied, “there will be no mention of killing and fighting.” To that he said “there is not one like that that I can think of like that.” I’ll write about the other 90% of war that most choose to forget – shame on them!

    I met Lee at an “Excellence in Writing” symposium at Winston Salem in 2010. Glad I went for sure!

    So to answer your question, I live every day as though it will be my last. I came home from Viet Nam and made an oath with the Lord. I swore that the next battle I fight, will be by His side. I’ve lived an extremely wild life, and I still have on PH.

    Calmed down a tad now, so perhaps that AK round that has been chasing me for all of these years just might find its target mellowing at the shore of Cayuga Lake. So be it.

    My point is this. Everything that I read in the Bible as a teen, has been unfolding before my very eyes over the past 40 some years. If I so much as even crouch down if fear, than I engage in a battle that I made an oath never to fight. I do like Pink Floyd, and the show must go on. …

    I do not own a weapon, not even a BB gun. However, I do know them well. Should I ever need one, I know where to fine one [many really].

    For me, you keep me informed of “the details” that recon for me. I can’t thank you enough for the job that you do! You are a ground-pounding grunt, just like me. You take the 60, I’ll cover with my 16; however it works, as long as it works, we are a Team. …

    I am always ready for what ever passes by. Thing is, it will have a hard time finding me, when I am cross-country skiing with a monk; father Theophan, who is also my best friend, in the remote wilds of Mother Russia [I was born in Colorado Springs, and never left the U.S. until my Asian Vacation].

    Make love, not war – war has been and is being made. Once one chooses a side, take it to death if required, or just keep the fuck out of my way.

    Peace & Love,
    Thank you for keeping me informed!


    PS: Hope my next flight will allow me aboard. If not, so be it; you are worthy of this comment in reply to your post. …

    • John, I always love hearing from you. I’d love to know how the Russians you know feel about what is going on there and here. Do they understand the the U.S. Government is not representing the Americans anymore? Do they know we are feeling a bit trapped in the system? So much propaganda, ya know?

      • Oh wow – that river runs deep. Still waters yeah know.

        I left Moscow to winter in Cyprus, 02 / 03. Seems I was hearing that the whole world believed Bush would not pull the trigger. He did.

        Then election time came around, and it seems that the whole world thought that there would be no way Bush could win. He did.

        That is when I first noticed a reaction to the American people, and no longer just the government. “They got the government they deserve. …”

        It flowed down stream from there.

        Today the majority of the people I run into [just back from Amsterdam four weeks ago] state that the Americans are nothing but brain washed. People just can not understand why. So I tell them, they have sold out to fear. and then, I cry.

        Putin states openly that he warned the U.S. I don’t know what happened with Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, other than it stinks to high-heaven. A friend of mine is about to join the Army. His mothers only fears what this video clearly shows [pass on the read – it’s politically correct].
        According to the Russian news, these two never came from Chechnya in any way.

        So to answer your question, Russians see us as living in the times of J. Stalin. They clearly see the fear and repression we live in and under. They also feel that we brought it upon ourselves. 9/11 as reported, was never bought over there.

        I love the photo of Alpha Group sipping Hennessy Cognac popping caps into the heads of those who took over the theater that I had been to just a few months months before. Sure, some people died. How many would have died if they didn’t do what they did?

        I as there when Georgia went off. They know the American roll in Georgia. They also know that what our government did, our people had and have no clue.

        Don’t build a shield in Europe, because those boys will not let it stand.

        Russian people do not trust governments or banks. It’s simple really. If there is one slice of bread and four people, it gets quartered. They look at me almost with pity.

        Anyway, as always, it’s been a pleasure talking with you. {Elton John was Elton John up to “Tumbleweed Connection”, and then we lost him}

        If you want more, just ask.


      • Post this if you like –

        You know I had to go here.

        Tracks 2,5,6, and 7 make the album. But then there is the rest.

        Christina, can I buy you another glass of beer?

        I knew you would understand. I was old at 20, but I have grown young.

        Well, the end of the album has arrived.

        Godspeed my Friend.

        PS: We both scuba. You ever jumped out of a plane?

      • To end the day with a word of wit –
        “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

        Be at peace people. Being here gives all of us the knowledge. Staying here, and in prayer, will bring us the wisdom – in Gods time, and not ours.

        Never Give Up! Never.

        Peace & Love,

    • I did one jump here in Florida. It was at 14,000 feet. I was hoping it would take my love of motorcycles away as somehow my thick head felt it was probably safer to jump out of planes than ride a bike. It was a tandem jump. I got hooked up, waddled to the open door with my tandem (9000+ jumps for him) and looked out. Not a flutter, no excitement… I did as I was instructed and jumped. I had a video person filming us for my memories. The whole time was nothing exciting and then the rip cord was pulled and we did the circle floating thing. We landed and that was it. I did it, and had all my children watching, LOL.

      I much prefer a winding road on a hog and think I always will. Now, flying suits might be a LOT more fun! I love those videos

      I still dream about scuba though, that’ll always be deep in my heart!

      Thanks for the drink offer, great beers are hard to find, but the company often times even harder.

      Love and blessings,


      • Hi Christina,

        Tracking in a wing suit – if they were around back in the day, I’m not sure I would be now . What Balls!!!

        Well you made the jump, and you had all of the nerve. Free fall gets a bit more exciting though. No need to go back for that though.

        If you are in Florida, there is a great dive not far to your east. We teamed up, shoulder to shoulder, and went down to feed the Sharks. I got my “hand slapper” for reaching up and touching one.

        A hog on a country toad – yeah, for sure. I don’t know how I survived my Norton 750 Commando. No bike could touch me. If I were to be here all summer, I’d be buying one for sure.

        Dad was with the 10th. Mountain Division in WWII, so by age 3, I was on skies. I had the best of time teaching skiing with the middle school when the kids were coming up.

        You are right about the beer here, but it is findable. I’m not much of a beer drinker though; a couple of good cold ones on a warm day are enough. Cognac or wine could be a different story for me. it’s a small world, and good company comes by every decade or so. I’d love to cross paths one day, and buy you a beer – or what ever suites your taste.

        Just kidding around, I uploaded a photo from 1969. I’ll get a more recent one up soon; perhaps?

        Be well my friend. I am pleased to read that given all you do, you still know that this life is meant to live. You Christina, make me proud.

        Love, peace, and friendship,

    • I enjoy a good family tradition on a hot day of half tomato half beer. I like the Clamato juice and they even sell it like that, but mine’s better when i put in the amount of clamato juice I like. Now, if I wanna sit back and just enjoy a drink, it’s going to be a liqueur like Frangelico or Lemoncello. I do like a very smooth single malt scotch once in a blue moon, but I am not a real drinker. I just like the good stuff occasionally. Oh, and a lovely glass of sherry occasionally.

      I’m a food snob… gourmet. I love life, and feel we are meant to live it to the full, wring every bit of experience we can out of it so when we die, we act like we are sliding into home base, sweaty, thrilled and screaming. “OH YEH!!!!”

      May you die a good death or live to see Satan’s ass kicked when Yeshua returns. Either way, we will meet up one day… all of us lovers of truth.

      In Him,


      • I do hear you Christina,

        I’m happy we had this exchange. It is good to kind-a know you, and you me.

        “The truth will set you free” – well, the more I know, the more I realize I’ll never really know in this world. I can live with that, but this head never goes in the sand. Truth has no hiding place where we all are headed. That is the “truth” that truly sets me free:~)

        Godspeed – In Him,


  3. Of all the sites I visit on a daily basic. Yours is my all time favorite. I feel we are on the same plane, However; you seem to be more versed than I. I have great respect for your thoughts. As for this great country of ours. I am confused at what direction we are headed. I see our rights being taken away. Our ecomany being purposely pushed over the clif (everyone is talking about). We as Americans are being hit from so many different directions it is hard to make sence of it all. From the Qe, federal reserve, Obama care, cemtrails, GNO’s, smart meters, military police on our streets, Drones in the air and all the biblical fulfillment. I am amazed at how many people are not aware. I tell everyone that will take the to listen to me, so much that my nick name is Conspiracy. I am fully awake and ready for what ever comes our way. I am just confused about what is coming and what direction to go. Though prays, I receive direction. However; its more of a turn left here, now take a right. Not a full complete list of things to do. I have drifted away from God and my mind is smokey. I am working on that ATM.

    • I’m really enjoying the responses, and thank you for sharing you thoughts. Our greatest commission by Yeshua was to love one another. If we do all our of a spirit of Agape love, then we really cannot go wrong. In the end, I will beg forgiveness for my mistakes, misunderstandings, and believe God will understand my and my motivations. We are in for a time of revolt, it’s planned, the elite are pushing for it, and out of that time of unrest we will get a false peace with a new pseudo Christianity. We live in an awesome time, and every soul is here for a reason. God bless you and always in Yeshua’s peace and love.

  4. “Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!” Its that simple. Our country was founded on Trust in God and liberty for all. We have removed Both. With out a good foundation how long will we stand? What will come?

  5. I agree with UnifiedSerenity. I’m amazed at her insights and her faith in God. Its clear that most people in the US are asleep and I don’t think they’ll wake up until its too late (ie, the cashless society is well in-place). I hope that more people will read these blogs and hopefully see the naked truth that we are all enslaved. But I don’t feel there will be a financial collapse or the $US will die as the controllers won’t just give up on their plans and cause a “revolution.” We’re in for a long slow “burn” of our country…

    • The revolution is planned and I am guessing they are just wondering what it’s going to take. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we are in good company on this forum. Share what you want of this blog with others. I think we are an army so strong in the trenches online that it scares the crap out of the controllers. Just know the false peace is coming and NEVER bend your knee to they lies and tyranny.

      With love and peace,


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