Propaganda and Media Bias – The George Zimmerman Case

Remember when the news broke of the white man shooting a poor defenseless child named Trayvon Martin who was guilty of nothing but walking home eating some candy and drinking some tea?

As the media manipulated the situation via doctored 9/11 calls that tried to show the shooter, Mr. Zimmerman, was a racist, the truth slowly emerged and as the citizen journalists and more independent media exposed the lies, the media has backed off the story these long months.  It’s about to come around again as the trial finally starts.  Of course, the defendant had to go into hiding, mounting legal bills have plagued him and according to his defense team, they only have about $5000.00 dollars left in his defense fund that was over $315,000.00!  They say they need about another $120,000.00 to mount the best defense.

Can you imagine having to raise that kind of money to defend yourself from what now appears to be a clear case of a life and death struggle where the dead assailant, Trayvon Martin, approached Mr. Zimmerman, attacked him, beat his head into concrete, broke his nose and went for Mr. Zimmerman’s legal firearm caused Mr. Zimmerman believing his life was in danger to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin.  That’s how it appears to me at this time.

The media’s first images of Mr. Zimmerman were not of his bloody face and head, but of him entering the police station after he was cleaned up and a mug shot:


They could just have easily shown these images:


Just like they could have shown the real Trayvon Martin and not some earlier pictures that look much more innocent:

Apparently, the pot smoking and gun images were on his cell phone.  Those were removed at the court house and denied to Zimmerman’s defense team.

You see, as the trial begins, we are going to have more media games, the black community up in arms defending this innocent young man and claiming it’s about race.  I don’t know about you, but if i were physically attacked by a strong man much taller than I and he was banging my head into the concrete, I might shoot to kill too.


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