*****Government (not Wall Street) Financial Innovation Caused 2008 Financial Crisis*****

In all the Occupy Wall Street interviews and articles did you ever hear anything that showed the U.S. Government was actually to blame for the 2008 crash of the stock market?  The exposure to truth is a dangerous thing because you are left with two choices.  One is to accept it and share it.  The second choice would be to see the truth and stuff it away.  Thus one is left a self induced liar not only to themselves but humanity.  If we do not expose the truth about these evil traitors within our government then we are complicit with their bloody acts.  The blood of millions is on our hands as our Government has used our resources to destroy other people, their governments, and play a deadly game of world chess.  Who is the U.S. Government.  It is supposed to be “We the People”, but it is obvious that it is not functioning for our benefit and it has not for a very long time.

Enjoy this information:

Below are two videos showing how the federal government (not wall street) caused 2008 Financial Crisis.

Video 1 shows that it was the government who:

1) Bundled toxic (subprime) loans into securities

2) Used financial alchemy to make risk “disappear”

3) Designed complex financial structures to hide the fraud

4) Developed insanely optimistic evaluation models to inflate ratings on toxic securities

5) Marketing these toxic securities to an unsuspecting public

Video 2 shows that it was the government who:

1) Created the entire infrastructure necessary for the subprime market to function

2) Decimated state authority to regulate the financial sector

3) Shielded subprime lenders from prosecution

4) Encouraged banks to buy toxic CDOs and to get rid of safer assets

For more supporting documentation go to his website.


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