Exposing the US Treasury’s Secret Slush Funds

I just came across this information at Above Top Secret.  It’s a great site to find some obscure information that the main stream media is blacking out.  This information should be re-posted everywhere because it shows just how these unconstitutional activities get funded and Congress is left in the supposed dark. Of course it’s more than likely the evil schemers in Congress know all about this fund and direct a lot of the things that happen within it.

What am I talking about? The video series on the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund and all that it controls.  Let me just quote some from the creator of this video series,

*****What I have been afraid to blog about: THE ESF AND ITS HISTORY (Part 1-5)*****

After months of work, the video series on the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund is finally finished!

Why you should watch these five videos:

It is impossible to understand the world today without knowing what the ESF is and what it has been doing. Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA’s black budget, and is the architect of the world’s monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc). ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA) built up the worldwide propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has been directly involved in virtually every major US fraud/scandal since its creation in 1934: the London gold pool, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV, and worse…

These five videos are the “answer” I have arrived at after three years of blogging on MarketSkeptics.com. They took me a month and a half to make (and months of research). You will not find the material covered anywhere else. So if you enjoyed them, please donate.

The Links to all the material covered can be found below the videos. I recommend following them and confirming the facts for yourself.

(The youtube view counts for these videos are incomplete (because they only count views on youtube’s website))



The Fed Debate in the 1960s over Sterilized Foreign Exchange Intervention (Richmond Fed’ s website)


The creator of this series has done a lot of work and there is a lot more support material at his website.

He is asking for donations and I hope any who feel his work is important will head over there and give whatever they feel led to contribute.  There are a lot of people who have studied topics for many years and feel driven to share them.  He could have done some slick marketing video to tease us into wanting to watch this work, but he has basically given it away on a trust basis.   Follow your heart in giving and know that a lot of these type of people are suffering financially to be watchmen revealing the hidden things to the world.

And, I wish to add, I have never met or talked with this man.  So, please know I have no connection to how well he does.  I just wish all truth seekers well.



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