HAARP RADAR showing end of month tornadoes?

Note regarding this information:

*** Alert … Tornado Alley To Return To Violent Outbreak Status by End Of This Month ***

If you are in the RED SHADE then pay attention…
Pink is the jet stream position at the start of the outbreak. It favors Oklahoma yet again.

A trough will place itself in a position to bring violent tornadoes to the plains once again toward the end of this month. I’ll have your entire story on Thursday, till then get the word out! ***

Might I remind you this is the same pattern forecast in late April here at The Weather Space.comhttp://www.theweatherspace.com/2013/04/29/tornado-alley-to-spark-up-after-mid-may/

Note: Mid May’s outbreak happened, but one was featured for memorial day onward … We are in this pattern …

Spread the word, entire forecast article coming on Thursday here at TWS!

This was Tuesday’s map:

Strange cloud formations possibly caused by HAARP:


Beautiful spiral clouds above South Georgia island


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