Adam Kokesh Held – DC March WILL Go On!

Great interview with two of Adam’s helpers.  The tyranny is happening now.  Police are being nationalized as the German Stazi / Gestapo were.  Will you cower behind your curtains as the DHS tanks roll down your street and they kick your neighbors out to search their homes?  Will you lick the boots of the thugs in uniform for another day of “security”?

Wake-up people!  We have got to get mad as hell, march and demand our government be reigned in.  We have got to end the banking tyranny, the corporate take-over of the world, and the unlawful uses of force against the people.  It’s time the government realized the ants are seeing them for what they are…. thug grasshoppers!

Some people are saying this is a set-up and that Adam Kokesh and Jones are government agent provocateurs.  Don’t you get it yet?  All the hand wringing, complaining, blogging is not changing anything. We had better march nationally or give up any hope of change.  The traitors in Washington, the police forces, State governments MUST be stopped and we must insure justice is finally done. It’s time to end the Fed, remove their ill gotten gains, and rebuild OUR Nation!  GET OFF YOUR BUTTS NOW!

I am moved to add this one note.  I do not believe for a minute that we will stop this world destroying leviathan.  This may be the beginning of our darkest hour in history.  It may herald a time of great difficulty and out of that a false peace will arise.  A new system has been prepared, and out of our collective anger which has been nursed by the tyranny on purpose, most people will sing for joy when the trouble ends.  What they sadly do not understand is that this is all planned.

We cannot help but stand up against injustice. We cannot help but demand change for they have made the world situation untenable.  It is all done on purpose.  They know us better than we collectively know ourselves and this is going to happen because it must happen.  They know we are at our breaking point of complaining, writing, trying to play within THEIR system, and it’s time for their system to end.  The problem is they have a new system to fill the void.  Are you prepared to deny that system as well? If you are not, then you will have a very very long lesson to learn.  A new leader will arise from the ashes of war, pestilence, and tyranny.  He will be a man of peace. He will usher in an incredible utopia that we have only dreamed of.  The problem is that it’s all a lie.  This is only the first step towards the darkest night.  I pray you understand my words, and if you do not, then search this blog for I have written of it over and over.

May God be with you all in Messiah Yeshua.



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