Ms. Lerner Takes the Fifth – Oh the hypocrisy

Taking the fifth does lead one to think that person is guilty, but the fact is that it is up to the State to prove one’s guilt in criminal proceedings. The problem here is she has not been charged in any crime. I would wonder why she is obligated to give any testimony if they are not charging her and this is not a trial. I rather liked the youtube presentation from a defense attorney who clearly explains why one should NEVER talk to cops, and in effect that is what this “Congressional hearing” would be, an interrogation meant to dig up some dirt.

It is not Ms. Lerner’s job to incriminate herself or anyone else. This is obviously a political adversarial situation and from what has already come out it appears the IRS is guilty of targeting conservatives. Now, either lay out charges, and if AG Holder cannot be trusted to do an impartial job (and he can’t) then they need to appoint a special prosecutor and start trials soon.

I can’t help but appreciate the blatant hypocrisy of the Republicans and their supporters because they all defended Oliver North’s right claim the fifth until he received limited immunity for his very limited testimony. Nor can one ignore the Democrat’s hypocrisy in defending her right to claim the fifth when one remembers how the major media and the Democrats made a stink over it years ago. This is nothing but more political theatre. We are being robbed blind, slowly killed via vaccines, fluoride, GMO’s, chemtrails all while our young men (mostly men) are being used to wage their wars against countries who don’t play by their games. We are being robbed of our wealth as they claim global economics and ruin every country until we are all begging for them to save us and we accept their total dominion over us.

Yes, by all means let the gladiatorial games continue and let’s see what new circus events they can come up with to keep us distracted, bickering and not working together, because my friends we have more than enough resources in the world if we worked as one in harmony, but then there wouldn’t be the immense wealth held by 1% while we all strive to live the good life. Yes, this is my rant, and I’m sick of the games.


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