Liars – Murderers – Thieves


Let’s be honest though, it’s all a game, and we are being distracted by it.  No one is going to jail over this fiasco.  No one will answer for the false flags, CIA actions overseas, gun running, drug importing, bank bailing that is going on because the American people are a neutered lap dog.  Just remember as the IRS scandal continues to break and Republicans scream bloody hell over people taking the fifth amendment, that these same people and the radio pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Hannity all approved of Oliver North taking the fifth until he got limited immunity for his testimony over Iran Contra.

Benghazi was about arms smuggling and trying to regain some control of surface to air missiles.  No one is talking about that CIA safe house that was attacked and where four Americans were killed while our government did nothing as they called for help and help was available but not given.  This is all a charade, but it’s important that you know it’s a game.  It’s all meant to keep us busy, distracted from one crisis to the next.  It is wearing us down, and making us more apathetic.  We are well past the point of getting out of the boiling pot of water.  We are cooked.


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