Disturbing Video on Perceived Truth vs. Reality

Can we simply blog about what is happening? When will we have had enough violence and senseless killing in the name of terrorism?  What if your neighborhood were bombed, your wife and daughters raped by soldiers? What if you were running down the street holding your grandchild’s broken body after a drone meant to take out a “terrorist” killed a hundred of your neighbors and that one terrorist? Would you be sipping your coffee, going to the movies, watching that television program or would you be demanding this insanity stop? I just wonder what it is going to take to stop this criminal military and corporate machine that is destroying our world.

Is peace so bad?  They are manufacturing crisis to justify war.  They did it in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Persian Gulf and soon to be Africa, Syria and Iran.  They are manufacturing crisis to destroy freedom.  They did it at Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, New York, Aurora Colorado, Newtown, and Boston.  Yet, we do nothing.  We have proof the major media is NOT investigating anything but is reading their script.  If you doubt me, let me give you one proof. If you can sit back and deny they are reading scripts after watching this, then you are the problem. We must stop supporting these people. We must demand justice, and I implore all police and military to simply NOT comply with unconstitutional orders.  Will society break down? Maybe, but if we do nothing then we will have absolute tyranny by government.

This clip starts with the typical news person, Piers Morgan, carrying the water for the government. Jesse Ventura calls him out on the facts regarding false flag operations to start wars, and that the media lies. He brings up the fact that BBC broadcast for seven minutes that a third building had collapsed when in fact the building can be seen standing behind the reporter throughout the interview! They reported twenty minutes prior to the event that building 7 which had not been hit by a plane had collapsed!  You cannot disbelieve your own eyes my friends. The collapse was planned and staged, and this proves it.  When are we going to wake up from this hypnotic trance we are under?





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