California Police Taze Man after They Break into His House

Martial law thug Gestapo tactics are the new norm for law enforcement.  This video should put a chill down anyone’s spine:




It is time to stop calling them police officers.  I grew up respecting and wanting to be a police officer / detective.  I am very good at digging up facts, and it’s a natural fit. I spent five years working with the police and there are a lot of good people working in public safety such as Sheriff deputies and police officers; however, I do believe things have changed.

I am watching America become the Germany of the 1930’s.  American’s are so ignorant of history and how things happened. How did Hitler come to power? It was out of economic chaos.  As he took control, he put in more regulations. He legally seized control of Germany.  Thugs kept opposition away by intimidation and murder tactics.  Once Hitler has a majority of control, there was no stopping those who wanted to abuse others, and they got way with it because of their uniform of authority.  Those thugs in the above picture derive their power from their uniform.  They claim they are there on some domestic abuse issue, when we have no reason to believe they are trying to help this family.

The man filming states there is nothing going on, the woman says everything is ok, they say their are children present, and do not give the cops permission to enter.  The domestic abuse claim is nebulous.  Cops are legally required to investigate the situation because the woman could be lying because her abuser is standing right there.  So, over the years it’s now become mandated to investigate. The woman no longer has to press charges and the cops can just arrest the man (yes I am being sexist here as most domestic abusers are men against women) that way it takes the heat off of her.  For the good cops, this is a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation.  For the thug cops it’s a dream come true!  “I’m going to kick in your door, shoot or taze you, and there is nothing you can do about it scum!”

In the game of chess this is called a gambit.  We have been maneuvered into a check-mate position.  We want to be able to enter anyone’s home, so we create a law that says if domestic violence is suspected or reported then the cops must investigate. If resistance is offered then force will be applied.  Government is FORCE.  So, to get this rule into place many years ago they allowed some terrible things to happen, thus laws were created (ala Hitler tactic 101) and now in 2013 we have a thug police force.

Imagine speaking up against Hitler or the NAZI (National Socialist Party) in 1938.  We are being intimidated by rogue government agents, IRS, DHS, TSA and we will either end up in ghettos and camps on our knees begging for mercy or we will be men and women standing free.  My friends we cannot remain silent if we are to be free.  We cannot secure our liberty by submitting to unjust laws and actions of the government AGAINST  “WE THE PEOPLE”.  We are the proverbial ants against the grasshoppers.  We truly do outnumber them and they are using intimidation tactics on us to feed their bloated power bureaucracy.



2 comments on “California Police Taze Man after They Break into His House

  1. I believe I would have told them , if you kick my door in .. I will Shoot to Kill. and YOU will LOSE. and then we will be in a huge legal battle over .. what? YOU DUMB ASS PEOPLE that think you can just do to others as you well please… GUESS AGAIN. it is called JUSTICE… CONSTITUTION… BIIL of RIGHTS SONS of LIBERTY 1776 remember what happened then.


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