Cliff High – Global Coastal Event June 2013

If you are not familiar with Cliff High’s webbot reports aka WUJO, this video will be interesting for you.  He has made some very timely and accurate predictions based on how his webbot program works.  He has also utilized some remote viewing experts.  I do know remote viewing can be amazingly accurate and it can be a big miss.  I do not discount either of these systems and I do not think there is anything woo woo about it.  It’s a methodology to tap into energy streams via word usage across the internet as well as with remote viewing being able to tap into the emotional energy field surrounding an area or topic.

In this report, Cliff talks in detail about a series of events that will cause earth changes globally at the coasts beginning in early June 2013.

My research has proven that HAARP and systems like HAARP used by Russia, England, China, Israel are used to impact the Earth via earthquakes, weather modification and that could certainly play a part in any Earth changes.  Remember, the elites have a new “zoo” all ready for the world’s population to change forever how we are governed and controlled.  We just need the right reason to desire leaving our old “zoo” / system.

We are about to enter a very tumultuous time of disasters and wars that will leave us begging for change and when that change comes we will be crying “peace and safety” and that my friends is when Jesus / Yeshua said sudden destruction would come in the form of a false Messiah.  So, do not be afraid, order your spiritual house and know we are living in the most amazing and blessed generation.

Peace be with you all my friends.

Addendum :

I can’t help but think that all the recent disaster shows on TV and Movies must have some impact on this sort of communication that the webbot picks up.  These movies are money makers, but as one who is knowledgeable on psy-ops and energetics if you want a population to put energy into something happening then you make them think about them, build up their fear and energy around that and thus it empowers the work you are trying to accomplish.  I do believe we have people at very high levels who practice such “magick” for lack of a better term and thus people are being used to help bring about these changes.  Fear is the opposite of love.  If you go into fear you are playing into their hands.


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