Nassim Haramein’s Unified Fields and Sacred Geometry

As promised here is more information from Nassim that is a bit older.  He likes to explain how his life path put him into this area of thought.  This information is really amazing stuff and will have any truth seeker meditating on it for days if not a lifetime. The lecture is very long. I am going to post a very short video first because I really want to get those who are curious about the way our world and universe really work to watch the whole discussion of Nassim’s.  You see, we understand much of energy as Sine waves. The problem is they don’t just go up and down but they really spin!  Nassim actually demonstrated that in this first short clip:

Because of some of what Nassim brings forth, one who is spiritually minded might appreciate this graphic I found

When you start to understand how energy works then symbols of ancient mysticism and history begin to be understood in a different way, such as the medical caduceus

Healing is about energy realignment.  The entire universe is spinning in energy from the tiniest protons to the most massive scale of planets and galaxies.  It is in keeping proper equilibrium that we come back into balance or being at ease with life.  What happens when we are not at ease? We get disease.  Now, I want to throw out to you why so many are ill in mind, body and spirit.  We are interrupting the natural currents we have had and needed since our creation.  How are we doing it? By ELF and micro waves which we create and use.

Cell towers, WI-FI create an energy soup that is harming us.  Then when you learn about the Thalmus and Pineal gland (commonly called the “third eye”) you learn just how important remaining in balance truly is.  Are we doing anything different in this generation that is impacting our Thalmus and Pineal gland? Yes, we are.

Fluoride magnifies metals we ingest.   It damages our Thalmus and Pineal glands, and that my friends is how we connect to body and spirit!  Why do so many people seem like they have no spiritual spark anymore?  It’s not their fault.  We are damaging our minds and thus our spirits and we are creating this white noise in our heads with all this wi-fi noise.  We cannot connect on a deeper level anymore as we used to do. If you do not believe me, then just take a weekend off, leave your cell phone at home, get away from any cell wi-fi towers or inputs, and spend a weekend in nature.  You will feel completely different.

You still don’t know how important this pineal gland is? The ancients understood it, and used images we commonly see today that point to its importants. Let me show you how much we used to know:

The Pineal gland looks like a small pine cone.

This is your pineal gland calcified

So, when you read the words of Yeshua / Jesus where he says the kingdom of God is within you, he does not mean the place of the Kingdom but how you connect to that place, and thus communicate with God.  That is what new age thinking of grounding and centering is all about.  There is truth in it. It’s why spiritual people meditate. Meditation has been twisted by some into emptying yourself and to think nothing to then somehow become one with the Universe to reach Nirvana, but that is wrong in my experience.  The truth is, you turn within, you ground (get away from wi-fi and the outer world) and center (go within) to be in communion with God or to experience that divine love.  Who could not use a little more experiencing of divine love?  Let me show you a few more images of how important this area of your brain really is and that it’s importance is understood all around the world:

First of all, if you have been watching the Haramein information you will have come across the amazing Fibernaci sequence which is also found in the pine cone:

The Ancient Sumerians knew about the “third eye”

It’s at the Vatican

The Pope carries a staff with it included:

The rod of Osirus has it

Greek god Dionysus used it

Remember when the gift of the Holy Spirit came at Pentacost / Shuvuote? The people thought the diciples were drunk, but Peter said,

Act 2:14  But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words:
Act 2:15  For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day.
Act 2:16  But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;
Act 2:17  And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
Act 2:18  And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:

They had just had the Holy Spirit/ Ruach ha Kodesh poured out upon them and they were prophesying. The Greeks liked to show an image of Baccus with a pine cone.

Angor Wat has a LOT of Pine Cones

One writer shared this information about the Pineal Gland:

If we identify DMT as the software, then the pineal gland we can label the hardware. DMT is the endogenous hallucinogenic that research appears to find is responsible for enabling people to enter an altered state of consciousness complete with “spiritual” visions and a sense of wonder and communion with something greater and beyond the individual. This research though has been dependent on external injections of DMT made to subjects via IV. The theory put forward by Dr Rick Strassman, the foremost expert on the subject, is that it is the pineal gland that produces excess amounts of endogenous DMT during times of great relaxation and stress, leading to the experience of mystical states.

This tiny gland, about the size of the nail on your little finger, is situated in the middle of the brain and vaguely shaped as a pine cone (hence the name though it is properly termed the epiphysis). Properly speaking, it is not a gland but is in fact the remains of (literally) a third eye that once protruded from the top of our heads before retreating into the skull as evolution worked its magic. Nowadays however, it is still referred to as being a third eye, but in the mystical sense of an inner eye that can perceive different spiritual realms. Is this the source of the blinding white light that mystics through the ages say accompany enlightenment (literally meaning “to see the light”)? (Note that some anthropologists believe the origin of the term enlightenment is related to ancient sun worship…to see the sun was to see the light). Spiritualists would argue that this enlightenment is the cumulative result of specific training designed to move consciousness progressively through ever higher levels of awareness and energy centers (called, among other names, chakras). The final destination is the center of the crown of the head, the area where the pineal gland would once have been located. According to the Taoists for example, it is from this point that an Immortal would experience his chi (energy) exploding from his skull to unite with the energy of the larger universe.

The gland is unique. Although it is not in fact a part of the brain and is only situated in that area, other brain sites are mirrored and it has been a mystery for at least a couple of thousand years why this should not be so for the pineal gland. Though its original role is known (as a real third eye) it remains unclear why evolution would have determined its retreat into our brain area and what role it currently serves us. The gland itself has a hollow interior filled with a watery fluid and receives tremendous blood flow second only to the kidneys.

I want to bring all this together by showing you how much your energy waves are being disturbed by cell towers and electronic noise you don’t consciously pick up, but it is having an effect on you.  I also want to point out that brain tumors are happening now at an epidemic rate. I will post a couple videos and then wrap this post up.

First, hear what your cell phone is doing to you even though you don’t audibly hear it, your brains is hearing it:

Here is a good interview with an expert on wi-fi and microwaves:

I am adding this last little note here about cell phones. I usually keep my cell phone in my front pocket.  I have on occasion noticed my leg getting hot and uncomfortable.  When I remove my cell phone that burning feeling goes away. Now imagine you are a man and your testicles are near your pocket or a woman and your ovaries are near that pocket.  Infertility is rising my friends.  Imagine if it’s heating up my leg what it would do to my brain!  I use speaker phone and have for several years now.  There was a youtube clip about cell phones and an Australian child neurosurgeon who said kids are getting brain tumors at alarming rates.  He noticed they used cell phones and every time he asked them if they talked on that side that had the tumor they said “yes”.  His child went to school with the child of the President of Nokia.  Of all the children in that class only one did not have a cell phone. Guess who’s child that was. Yep, the President of Nokia’s child did NOT have a cell phone.  I hope you will put this information to good use.

Taking this back to my presenting of Nassim Haramein’s work, I wish you convey that we are all connected. It is why my blog and online name are Unified Serenity for it is in the state of true balance that we act in a loving manner with one another and do what is right as is our sacred duty.  Little is in balance in our world today.  I hope my words and sharing encourage you in some small way to re-connect and continue to seek truth because it is also my opinion that we are being tried in mind and spirit as never before, and we are going to enter a very different time soon.


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