Infinite Connectedness and Unity Separated by Consciousness

3rd dimension

I have long been a fan of Nassim Haramein.  As a child he saw the simple truth of connectedness, and it has driven him to new studies in cognitive resonance through sacred geometry.  As I listen to him, the simple truths Yeshua shared come to deeper meaning for me and I also see how the enemy of our souls, Lucifer uses these truths to twist them into unbelievable division instead of unity.  Let me share one simple truth that any first year elementary math student undertands.

Zero is a concept of nothing.  It is what made our mathematical system change.  I believe in my schooling the Arabs were credited with using zero in math for the first time.  That may not be truth, but it was what I was taught. Nonetheless, our maths will not work without starting at a point of zero.  We know that anything times zero is zero, thus this equation is:




That is simple to understand.

Nothing plus nothing equals NOTHING!

So, when Nassim’s teacher and I am sure mine and your taught us about dimensions and the fact that the first dimension represented by a dot was not real, and yet he saw a dot, and then the teacher put 6 dots next to each other and said that was the second dimension and it also did not exist, thus again 0+0, and then he took 6 of those non-existing dot second dimension planes together and made a cube the encompassed volume via a cube, that thus you had 6 (0+0+0+0+0+0) planes of 0 suddenly you had reality!  Or better shown as


We know logically that you cannot create something from absolutely nothing, thus what is the first existence? Consciousness is my answer.  God is Divine consciousness and from God whom I know as Yahovah all things were made.  Yah is the singularity and in perfect balance.  It is in making the souls into being from that consciousness that our world and we now exist.  By extrapolation, we are all connected to Yahovah and we are all like a small singularity of that consciousness and we will either come into balance with one another and Yahovah and in balance keep unity or we lose equilibrium and eventually Yahovah will end the imbalance by reabsorbing it.  It will not be a cruel thing, but simple restoring of equilibrium.  Since we all come from Yahovah, when He, for lack of a better term as I don’t ascribe sex to God, reabsorbs that energy, it is simply returning to it’s source.

It is in the individual consciousness that Lucifer first caused division and we have been continuing that struggle ever since as we seek to be as God / Yahovah.  We cannot exist outside of that first singularity, and thus trying to diminish it will never work.  It is in that struggle that we grow.  I am sharing this video of one of Nassim’s lectures which for a truth seeker will be quite amazing if they are not familiar with his work.  Sacred Geometry shows there is a Divine plan to the universe.

Flower-of-Life fractal-cauliflower man sacred geometry sacred 1 sacred life

Parts 3-6 not uploaded yet


3 comments on “Infinite Connectedness and Unity Separated by Consciousness

    • I found his vidios quite ..funny & very eye opening…basically…WOW..was my feeling. I would like to know…What Award it is that he..Won for this work? I LOVE..Theoretical Physics..& can never get I’m looking forward to the posting of the next vidios in this series.Hope they come soon.All in all ..I very much liked like watching!.Thank You for Your Time. Rob.

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