Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Army Data on Dams


The images on our money are so peculiar. It appears someone is saying something about possible future events, but you have to be willing to look for it.  So, this image that is obtained as so many others on our money has been around for a while. It appears to show the Hoover dam compromised and water flowing over it.  Now we learn that Chinese hackers have obtained sensitive data from the Army regarding our dams.

Chinese hackers have infiltrated a sensitive U.S. Army database that contains information about the vulnerabilities of thousands of dams located throughout the United States. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ National Inventory of Dams (NID) has raised concerns that information gathered in the hack attack could help China carry out a cyberattack on the national electrical power grid.

An unauthorized user traced to China hacked the NID database in January but wasn’t discovered until sometime in April. Pete Pierce, a spokesperson from the Corps of Engineers, confirmed the attack but did not provide specific details.  SOURCE

It’s hard to find a straight on shot, but here is one:

We keep getting this whole “Birthing a New Race” thrown at us via musicians like Lady Gaga.  Here we have this elongated head like we see in many alien movies. We have ancient Egyptians said to be linked to the Anunaki / Nephilm with big heads

Here she is being carried into some awards ceremony and she stated it was symbolic of birthing a new race:

Take another look at that contraption. It is a type of cross. It’s a new religion being born. It’s not a new race, but a new religion. The very first part of “Born this way” tells you it’s about religion:

“It doesn’t matter if you love him

or capital H-I-M

Just put your paws up

‘Cause you were born this way, baby

Then in  one “Born this Way” video  we have so much of this symbolism of new birth with it’s graphic birthing scene and this image with a pyramid again upside down:

Her “manifesto” is straight out of Aleister Crowley’s Luciferian beliefs of doing whatever you want.  Many pagans say, “Harm none and do as thou wilt”.  Selfishness is the key, being god is key, and that is the oldest of all the lies.  Eve fell for it, Adam fell for it, and it is preached constantly today.

It’s not really a new religion, but an old one that will be revived very soon, and it’s imagery is everywhere and yes also in more Lady Gaga costuming and stunts:

The Hoover dam does mimic a woman’s reproductive system and there is an interesting monument at the Hoover dam.  Look at what Madonna is in front of.  Look at her headdress which links back to an egyptian god, and then look at the Hoover dam and it’s monuments. Look at the place her feet stand which are supposed to be armrests, then look at the front of the Hoover dam.:

Madonna False Flag Hoover Dam

Will the Hoover dam be the bridge to bring in the New World Order by some crisis event?  Yes, I chose the word bridge on purpose because they build a massive bridge over an existing road at the Hoover dam:

This video puts a lot of the symbolism together, and while I dislike his whole “new born again” energy, I can appreciate the information he puts out there.

Halo 6 has an image of the Hoover dam

11/6 hoover dam halo false flag terrorist attack

In Halo, a race of evil aliens are coming and this is shown:

Didact symbol an ancient evil awakens 11/6 false flag hoover dam

This symbol is called a Didact symbol and again, it’ linked to evil and you will notice a resemblance to the Nephilim.  Another not about this imager is this symbol is turned around and upside down.  We know from scripture that those who practice evil seek to hide it by turning things upside down. Much as Yeshua said in the end day the generation calls evil good and good evil. So who is this alien race in Halo?

ur didactur didact six fingers nephilim false flag

Is something going to happen at the Hoover dam? I can tell you this, those who practice evil energetics visit the places they want to impact.  They do energetic workings to bring things about to their will. Notice Obama at the Hoover dam

Obama in front of the Hoover Dam false flag terrorist attack

So, it’s in our faces and most are ignorant. Do not be surprised when something happens to the Hoover Dam, probably by some made up patsy that is a “right wing Christian constitution loving gun owning conservative”.  I simply am noticing odd things in media, news, and wondering why images like the Hoover dam are on our money.  One side note, these Luciferian jackwads actually believe that by putting this information out via these methods they absolve themselves of any karmic debt.  God, our father does not play such games. We will answer for every word, deed, thought we have and we will not be able to wish them away, blame others or pretend it’s not our fault. We know our guilty hearts and so does our creator.  Stop lying to yourself and just be honest.  There is forgiveness, and I am glad of that!  Being a messianic believer I know I am guilty of so much and I also know the blood Yeshua shed for me is more than enough to pay for them, but I would be remiss to sit back and ignore facts about myself or my country.  We are given messages daily, whom and what will you trust and believe?


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