Martial Law Propaganda / Programming

I was blessed to travel the world growing up, and I went to Germany many times.  I talked with Germans who remembered the war, the propaganda, and it’s all happening here in America.  You have to have a boogey man or someone to blame. For Hitler it was the Jews, misfits, Russians etc to unite his country against and prepare them for National Socialism.  Little by little the Gestapo and later the SS used more and more open tactics of intimidation and control to train the people to obey them, give up their guns, and it was all for their safety of coarse.  This programming is done incrementally.  We did nothing when a church was targeted in Waco Texas and they had to poison them and burn them alive all for the sake of the children whom they also poisoned with CS gas and burned alive.  Most people think it was over David Koresh being some pervert abusing children, but that is not why the BATF went in there.  The BATF went into the Branch Davidian church complex (note how they called it a compound) because of a possible gun violation that was really a tax issue.

We did nothing when the people of New Orleans were disarmed after hurricane Katrina.  They claimed it was for their safety, but how were the people safe being disarmed? That meant it was open season for the thugs to rob, pillage, rape and murder whomever they wanted to.  And now, after Boston it was another step to program us to give up our God given right to be secure in our homes from unwarranted search and seizure.  That all went out the window following the Boston bombing.  This is how you are being programmed.  Are you one of the awake or sleeping “virgins” that Yeshua / Jesus talked about in his parable of the 10 virgins.  In the hour of HIS tribulation in the garden we were given a picture when His closest friends could not stay away to pray with him.  It was an example for us.  It is time to pray and stay awake.

This retired Lt. Colonel gives his take on what is happening in America:


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