The Fed. Is Preparing MASSIVE New U.S. Dollar Devaluation Scheme

The race to debase our dollar is about to hit a new high.  Please watch Greg Mannarino explain how the rising stock market does not indicate a strong economy.

What does hyperinflation look like? And why are gold and silver so valuable? Why are China and other countries taking possession of physical gold and silver in record rates?  Why in the past few years have “We buy gold and silver” shops cropped up on every street? There is a reason and the opportunity is about to end.

silver to money chart 10 yrs

So, how do you protect yourself and your money?  My research indicates that purchasing physical gold and silver is the answer.  Buy silver or gold coins a few dollars above spot value and just put it in a safe.  It appears that this could be an amazingly good idea even if you are only getting a couple coins a week.  If you can put a few thousand into coins then do so.  Wealth is never destroyed, it is only transferred, and this explains why.




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