Boston Bombing Staged – More Proof

Well, no one likes to stand out from the average Joe telling the truth and being ridiculed and accused of things, but when the facts are coming out, it is hard as a truth seeker to not say, “Hey, wait a minute!  Look at this video proof!”  So, here I am posting more difficult things because I do believe we are being manipulated to the highest degrees, and here is more proof:

dust thrown on victims dust thrown on victims2

This is why they needed the dust:

dust on hair

And for a really disturbing expose on fake injuries, blood, and staging watch this video.  The blood on the girls leg was most telling.

I don’t know about the guy with legs blown off. That looks darn right real, but remember, in Jurassic Park, it looked like people were running with dinosaurs, and in Forest Gump, the guy had no legs when we know in reality the actor walks very well with two legs.  The question you have to ask is what was to be gained by a false flag of this type.  Well, witnessing military and police doing warrantless searches of American’s homes, shutting down a city of 600,000 over 1  or 2 perps and having martial law full blown in effect thus shutting down all commerce and shopping for starters:


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