How the people are turned against law enforcement

I have always loved and supported our brave men and women who serve in our military and police / sheriff departments.  I worked for five years with the Police and know first hand that the good guys outweigh the bad guys in that department.  Over the last decade however, I have come to distrust many in law enforcement because of the blatant abuse of power that so many seem exercise which is clearly demonstrated in video after video on youtube.  Do I think one of my local police officers or deputies would do a cavity search on a woman for a routine traffic stop? No, I don’t but then again, I am equally sure neither did these women:

These videos brought me to tears.  This young woman in the second video who may or may not have been underage (I can’t tell) is questioned by police about where she goes to school.  She gives an answer the cop does not like and just like that she is arrested!  An arrest record is a very serious thing. If you try to get a job and answer “Yes” to whether you have ever been arrested it puts a black mark on your application.  When there are thousands of applications, they just skip those with that questions marked “yes”.  The logic is that you must have done something wrong!  Why hire someone who has “issues” is the logic.  Human Resources people don’t have time to investigate applications such as this. They just skip them and go to the ones that are “clean”.

Law enforcement in some areas has gotten out of control.  These men and women must be stopped and to do that we have to hold them accountable. Do not re-elect bad Sheriff’s, go to town hall meetings and demand accountability from the police department, and by all means approach your State Attorney for help when you truly have a case that is a blatant abuse of power.  To end on a positive note, this Sheriff is the kind of man we need locally everywhere, and I would support every time.




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