West Texas Explosion Raw Footage

I really don’t know what to make of the West Texas explosion. It’s not being talked about as much in the news because of the Boston bombing.  This is raw footage a resident shot that I found on another site.  This is why citizen journalists are so important. You hear things that might or might not be accurate, but do add to the narrative of the story.

The woman says she heard it was a plane that caused the explosion at the fertilizer factory.  Now, most people assume this factory had the highly explosive Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer, but that is not the case.

The factory did stock was Anhydrous Ammonium, a gas, that is less volatile and, when ignited, LESS LIKELY to explode with such force as seen at the West plant.

Is Anhydrous Ammonia flammable or explosive?
Anhydrous ammonia is classified by the Department of Transportation as nonflammable. However, ammonia vapor in high concentrations (16 to 25 percent by weight in air) will burn. It is unlikely that such concentrations will occur except in confined spaces or in the proximity of large spills. The fire hazard from ammonia is increased by the presence of oil or other combustible materials. Ammonia will combine with mercury to form a fulminate which is an unstable explosive compound.


This video is revealing in that it appears something struck the plant from above on the left.  I want to point out something else to citizen journalists. You will hear a child react who appears to be with the person video taping this.  DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN TO QUESTIONABLE EVENTS!

1. They could get physically hurt

2. This is traumatic and has a good chance of causing emotional trauma. Your first responsibility is for your families safety, not getting a story.


slow motion repeating

Interesting video about West Texas. I found it interesting to hear a foreigners voice on the recent events.  I think he might be Scottish.


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