Heads Up – LA Nuclear Event Facebook Page Created

Ok, we have seen pages created ahead of events that did in fact happen.  Sandy Hook had pages created before the event not only on Facebook but other charity pages.  There is a facebook page right now that is a tribute page for L.A. about a nuclear strike.  Is it just a hoax? Is it some idiot putting up the page in advance.  Will L.A. get hit by a nuke?

Is it possible that by bringing attention to this we could make them change their plans? I would love nothing more than this NOT to happen

LA Nuke

The page on Facebook has been taken down already.  Maybe the attention will stop them if there was an event planned.  Sometimes we can change their timelines.

I must point out that Major General Joseph Brown who oversaw nuclear terrorism was killed today. Was he assassinated?

Here is one man’s take on the possible event and how he thinks Fukishima was a dry run:


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