Transformation of America – Mind Control

This movie is an eye opener.  Do you even notice what is happening right in front of you? Do you consider how we have changed and where we are going? The time is now to open your eyes.




I just found this:

You know, I have to believe Yahovah helps me in my seeking of truth.  We are told to seek truth diligently, and that those who seek and knock repetitively will have that door opened.  My heart is to reveal truth because I believe when people see truth then their hearts are changed for inside each of us is a great yearning to wholeness, love, joy, peace and perfect joy which can only be found in true fellowship of divine unity with one another and our loving creator.  I looked up “The New Mental Battlefield” and you can read it here.

I am also beginning to mature in understanding about not judging others lest we ourselves be judged.  If you did not watch the above documentary then you are truly in the dark about my words except on an emotional basis or prior supposition.  Based on that video and the truth of silent weapons, mind control can you even know today if those perpetrating crimes like the Boston Marathon were even in control of their actions?

A mind control slave who will do whatever they are ordered to do is a psychopathic dictators wet dream.  I believe for many reasons that we are seeing the culmination of eons of planning by Lucifer, and we will go into a one world system.  We are seeing the transformation of our world before our eyes and it is as if we fell through the looking glass as Alice did, and it’s too much to comprehend so what do mental abuse victims do when something is too much? They shut down. The truth is too awful and they just want to ignore it because it is too painful.


If you are in pain, the solution is love.  If you are scared, the solution is love.  Deep within each soul is a sacred place that can only be filled with divine love.  When I focus there, I can let go of my anger for what I see and know. I can let go of fear for my children and the world.  I am nothing and yet I am everything.  The same is true of each soul here.  I do not have to take responsibility for what is happening, but I must be aware and prayerful.  The only effect I can have is how much I love, send love, and share love in truth.

The saying, “Be still and know that I am Yahovah” means everything to me and that is where we all must stay if we are going to make it through this season of tribulation.  May Yah bless and keep you in love and peace.


I was continuing to ponder this topic and as often happens began thinking of other applications of this technology.  I will share something with you that I have shared with friends for many years.  I grew up with a “friendly” ghost.  I saw him, I heard him, and he in fact helped save my life one night. He not only saved me, but my family.  Now, when you experience paranormal things, and others experience them as well as a group and singularly you know it’s real.  At the same time that I emphatically believe we had a “ghost” living in our house, I can also understand why those who have never experienced anything remotely paranormal would not believe any of it is true.  I am not bothered by their denials or fear which is evidenced by some who begin to make fun of you or treat you differently.  The unknown is very frightening for most people just as change is frightening to many.  I believe our world is filled with people living in an unacknowledged state of fear.  I share this information with you because I want to show that I am not some person who cannot believe things we cannot see or cannot explain do in fact exist.

With this V2K technology there are some explanations now available for what some people may believe are “religious” or spiritual experiences.  Jonathan (the ghost) actually appeared in front of multiple witnesses, opened doors, and moved things. So this was not just something in our heads.  But, what if some who believe they are getting messages from higher beings are actually being manipulated to spread a lie that Aliens are monitoring our planet and some are good and others are bad?  I believe many people who are channeling messages from the Andromedans or Galactic Federation of Light are in fact victims of V2K programming.  There is a concerted effort across the world to make us believe in aliens.  To make us either fear and invasion or hope for them to save us from ourselves.

The Catholic church is even making room for the existence of alien life.  Their whole L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope is very odd.  What are they looking and watching for ?  I know science is not limited to the secular world, but doesn’t it strike you as very odd that the Catholic church is so fixated on astronomy?  God is not in outer space.  Yahovah kingdom is within.  I would think the Catholic church would be focused on our inner space more-so than outer space.  This entire subject was dropped in my lap while doing research on the Boston Bombing. It’s as if this small voice said, “Look at this again”.

We are being manipulated to give up our minds, our freedom, and to be fearful.  We are fast becoming a totalitarian state where 1 man on the loose can shut down a city of 600,000 people and their God given right to not be subjected to unlawful searches, imprisonment, and defense was just shut down in Boston.  Do you not realize that has happened?  Do you not think this was a major anti-constitutional coup in America?    Were these men involved? Were they mind control victims? Were they patsies?  The government just ran the largest psy-op and proved that given the right crisis, the American people will allow the police to enter their homes and search them.  What did they notice in their searches?  We will never know because the media is silent.  This was a big step for America.

If you think this V2K is odd, then you should really look into project bluebeam which is about realistic holograms appearing in the sky.  Think it’s not real? Imagine millions of people hearing in their heads in their own languages a message from God.  Imagine seeing in the sky angels or UFO or Aliens and hearing some message meant to manipulate them.  Think it is not real?

Do you trust your eyes?  I am going to share these scriptures and at some point in the near future you are going to have to decide what you truly believe. What you base your beliefs upon is crucial.  Have you studied? Do you really know why you believe the things you believe?

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God”

Do you know the word of God? Are you a workman who rightly divides the word precept upon precept and line upon line to avoid deception?

Do you know that the anti-christ comes in peacefully and prosperously? Do you know that per Revelation a flood comes forth from his mouth? What comes from your mouth? Words come from you mouth and the flood is a flood of lies. Deception is his game.  Will you be deceived? Yeshua / Jesus warned us over and over to not be deceived. And last but not least, the spirit of anti-christ is already at work in the world.  How do you identify it? It denies that Yeshua came in the flesh.  It denies what Yeshua did for the world.

My beloved, believe not everything you hear, but test everything.   There is a war for your soul, and you were born in the most incredible generation.  If you love truth, love God, and desire for His kingdom, then you are being tried as mankind has never been tried before.  Had Yah not cut short the days, even the very elect chosen from the foundation of this age would be deceived, but for their sake the days have been shortened.  Watchmen are sounding the alarm, are you listening or are you slumbering as the unwise virgins?


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