NY Confiscating Mental Health Records Violating HIPPA

Well, I said it months ago that the real target in the “take our guns” is to get anyone labelled mentally ill or who has ever talked to a doctor about being depressed or taken mental health drugs to aleviate anxiety or depression will be disarmed.  You see, veterans are their biggest fear.  We paid good money to train our patriotic men and women, and they know how to fight.  Thus, if the government is screwing the people over, the last thing they want and greatest thing they fear is a trained population rising up against them.

Oh, they want us to rise up, but without proper weapons or training.

Ammo.land has reported:

NY Psychiatrists Served With Subpoenas For Patient Records In NY Gun Confiscation

Published on Monday, April 15, 2013

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Machiavellian Plot to ignore and subvert the Rights of potentially millions of NY State residents developed another layer late Sunday.

After breaking the story of Amhurst NY Area Resident David Lewis having his lawfully purchase and legally owned firearms confiscated by order of the State Police after a flagrantly illegal and Un-Constitutional review of his medical records , Word came to me in my capacity as in journalist late Sunday that NY Officials have apparently doubled down on their sinister plot and blatant abuse of power.

My sources revealed that two prominent and well regarded Buffalo Area Psychiatrists received subpoenas from State Officials, possibly on Friday April 12th 2013, commanding them to turn over all of their patient files to the State. Details are sketchy at this early stage, but I have been told that both Doctors have in house counsel as well as potentially consulting with the Law Firm of Jim Tresmond, Firearms Law Specialist and the Attorney of Record for Mr Lewis.

What is clear is that those subpoenas would have to have been issued by someone in the State’s Attorney’s Office. What remains unknown at this point is whether the order or request for the subpoenas originated with the Superintendent of the NY State Police, Joseph D’Amico or from the Office of the the Commissioner of the NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services or one of his lieutenants.

If it’s accurate that the subpoenas in question were received by their targets on Friday April 12th 2013.  That would be the same day that WBEN Talk Radio Show host Tom Baurele told listeners that multiple independent sources within NY State Government related to him that a secret seven member”HIPAA” committee had been created within the Div Of Criminal Justice Services after passage of the NY SAFE Act to work in conjunction with the NY State Police at the behest of the Dept of Homeland Security; for the express purpose of illegally obtaining and accessing the private medical records of potentially millions of NY State Residents. Then comparing those records with the records of known firearms owners and pistol permit holders in order to facilitate the confiscation of firearms under the extraordinarily broad language in the law regarding those that have been deemed “mentally unstable“.  Continue

As Rush Limbaugh likes to say, “Don’t doubt me on this”.  I saw the writing on the wall months ago and wrote about it, and it is plain that they are restricting our ability to purchase guns and ammunition.  They are blaming right wing thinking people immediately after all shootings and other incidents of terror only to find out  later the individual is actually a Democrat and rather likes anarchist ideals.  Even the  Abortion clinic bomber is still reported as a Christian right wing extremist when in fact he openly says he is not a Christian and to please stop writing him in prison about Christ.  The real target are veterans, and even Alex Jones played into it when he kept talking about what this kid who is accused of doing the Sandy Hook shootings being mentally ill.  I don’t trust Alex Jones, but I do think he puts out a lot of information that is useful. It’s just when the real moment of crisis comes he puts a spin on it that is NOT helpful.  The elite have their people on the right and left spectrum of the paradigm, and they seek to control our actions via their mouthpieces.

Our veterans are in serious danger of being locked up, denied their rights of self protection and the media is silent about it.  All the while we are distracted with Boston Marathon bombing and the price of gold and silver.  They are coming for our guns little by little.  If you are not a veteran what do you care right?  If you are not or never have been depressed what do you care?  Being depressed 20 years ago does not mean you are incompetent to protect yourself.  What about if you are ADHD?  That will be in the mix as well because you people can’t focus and are unpredictable and ADHD is all about mental illness according to the government.  Millions are being targeted and you don’t even notice!


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