Craft International Private Military Possibly Involved in Boston Marathon Bombing

Remember these guys? It appears they may work for Craft International or Blackwater:


These guys are wearing what they wear at Craft International.  

Check out their ABOUT page.

First off, the name Craft and their IP address  allude to dark dealings.  Those who practice witchcraft / sorcery call it “the craft”.  They do workings to raise energy to accomplish their goals.  Many in the upper eschelons practice Luciferian craft, and you see it in their writings, music, and propaganda.  Of course Craft International are involved in the more mundane aspects of the elites activities.

Remember Chris Kyle who was killed recently by some mentally ill veteran at a gun range? He started Craft International.  Now, his death is looking more and more suspicious.

The logo for Craft International is very similar to Seal Teams and Blackwater.


Now it’s time to narrow it down. Are these men SEALS, Blackwater, or what? Well, by visiting the Craft International About Us page, we start to get answers. Not only is the favicon (little tab icon) of the site the exact same logo (which on the hat presumably reads ‘Craft’), but in image 3 (seen below) we see Chris Kyle with the exact same standard issue Craft International uniform we see these men wearing. From the boots, pants, and even baseball cap icon, it matches up. See for yourself below:

chris kyle craft international

Famed Sniper Chris Kyle creator of Craft International

So are these individuals working for Craft International? It seems so, but why are private military soldiers present at the Boston Marathon? Perhaps it coincides with the perceived threat of a bombing that eyewitness Alastair Stevenson reports.  SOURCE

Infowars has this article discussing the constant changing news narrative, and the fact they are NOT reporting about these individuals who appear to work for a well known very elite special forces company.


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