Mass Casualty EMS Equipment Used for First Time at Boston Marathon

Yes, folks you are watching the unraveling of yet another false flag.  You see, they had a bomb drill with bomb sniffing dogs which the cops said was FOR A DRILL and not to worry. Now, we find out that EMS has special equipment for mass casualties deployed at the Boston Marathon for the first time!  Please note that this quoted material is from April 12, 2013:

Boston to Deploy Mass-Casualty Tablet Device During Marathon

Press Release
Created: April 12, 2013

Boston EMS is deploying a new, off-the-shelf, lightweight mobile device for the first time at the Boston Marathon on April 15.

The platform, from SafetyPAD, is intended for use in mass-casualty situations. It gives EMS personnel the ability to carry into crowds and assess a patient upon arrival, document in realtime, transmit data to transport units before they arrive, and other features.

Boston EMS will utilize the new Android-based program for bike and gator teams along race route.

For more, visit: www.safetypad.comSOURCE

You see, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” isn’t just about making political points and ruining our freedoms.  It also means, “take advantage of mass injuries for further training”.  It’s sort of like a wet dry run.  Sick bastards should all…… Ohmmmmmmmmm   Breathing deeply 1,2,3,4, holding 2,3,4,5,6,7 and exhale 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

Back to your regularly scheduled sheeple news on CNN. I will keep you updated if I find out anything else that is just another coincidence.  In the mean time, I suggest you keep your powder dry.


One comment on “Mass Casualty EMS Equipment Used for First Time at Boston Marathon

  1. And they think we are so stupid! When I first saw this, I said false flag. Now they are going to clap down on the rest of our freedoms. Just wait and see. They will make gun powder off limits.

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