Hitler Survivor Remembers and Says it can happen in America

She speaks from experience.  Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.  The gradual changes turned wonderful people into slaves of the government.  Do you fear the government today or does the government fear you?  The truth is, the government elites are scared to death of a united people.  It is time to stop the division games and demand an end to this tyranny.

What happens when self defense is against the law? What happens when your government betrays you?

A government that provides everything you need can take anything it wants.  Are you on the government plantation? Do you have a slave mentality afraid of what you will do if your benefits are cut off? Then my friend, you are already a slave.  What if they cut off your food stamps / EBT benefits?  How quickly will you bow down and lick their boots to feed your children and provide a home?  If you are afraid, then you are already a slave.

It is time to stand up or prepare to kneel before your master and teach your children to bow and kneel before your master and say, “Thank you”.


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