The Rise of the American Reich

History is repeating itself.  The same things that happened in Germany in the 1930’s are happening in America right now.  We have the right to peacefully assemble and yet now those who attend rallies in opposition to what the government is doing are being labelled as terrorists.  We have a right to protect ourselves thus keeping and bearing arms.  The media is the equivalent of Goebbel’s propaganda department.  Now, all veterans are suspected terrorists.  Unwarranted wellness checks are happening and veterans homes are being searched for weapons violating their 4th amendment rights.  Their weapons are being seized and they are being held for psychiatric evaluation.  The deadliest phrase, “I’m from the government and I am here to help you” is no longer a joke, but the real horror our honorable men and women who served our country are facing today.

The police (Gastapo) are molesting American’s on the side of the road as they do invasive cavity searches during common traffic stops.

If you try to protect yourself by video taping any incident with cops that includes audio will get you 75 years in prison!  You would be better off robbing a bank because your sentence might be only 10 years.  All of this violence by the police is planned to turn American’s against them and when they have lost everything and lose it, they will attack the police thus ensuring martial law, rounding up of individuals they have labelled terrorists via their Fusion Centers that spy on you.  Go to a Ron Paul Rally or a Tea Party rally and you are on their list.  Put an “END THE FED” bumper sticker on your car and you are on the list.  Home School your children or believe in the bible and you are on the list.  My friends, you are being targeted for questioning the government who “Is here to help you”.




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