Alan Watt Explaining the Incrimental Reorganization of Our World

I really enjoy listening to Alan Watt.  While he and I don’t obviously agree on everything (who does), he was the first person who I found that was saying the things I was discovering and writing about and sharing on this blog.  Maybe it’s made me lazy because why should I write a book when Alan has already done it?  There are really great books out there.  On a side note, I am currently reading online the book, “The Iron Curtain Over America” because it was mentioned in one of the videos I posted today.  You can read it too:

Iron Curtain Over America

I highly encourage you to watch this video and share the link.  Waking up from a comfortable sleep to the cold reality of truth is very painful, and yet you were born at such a time as this and you are reading this because God is calling you to be a Watchman and sound the alarm:

Alan talked about the book by Brzezinski called “Between two Ages”.  So, I looked it up.  In it, Alan says Brzezinski said we would shortly be given a new form of communication technology that the elites control.  That we would be addicted to it and not be able to function without it.  That technology is the internet. Here is the book:

Between Two Ages

He mentioned another book about how to control the people through a manufactured war condition in which man was accused of destroying the environment and over-population.  Here it is:

The First Global Revolution

Another book mentioned which you can read for free online.  How to make slaves who think they are free and thus these elite will rule the world in perpetuity via world government they control.  Eugenics experiments and cultural programming explained.  How they created the Mormons to practice eugenics to create specific offspring.  Must read:

The Next Million Years

Another book mentioned by Mr. Watt is “Darwin and the New World Order”.  In it, the author documented the lineage of the Darwin family.  They had close inbreeding and believe they are superior as a race and the rest of the people are called “commoners”.

Darwin and the New World Order


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