Do you understand the parables Jesus / Yeshua said to his disciples? Do you understand much of what he spoke of regarded those who would face the end days temptation of Satan and Jesus did not want his disciples to be fooled.  Now, “learn the parable of the fig tree”.  I will only add here, that while I love Dr. Murray, note his first comments about Jesus warning us to beware of false prophets who come claiming to follow Christ / Messiah.  Dr. Murray accepts Paul as an Apostle, but I have shown through the bible that Paul of Tarsus was nothing more than a Kenite, tent maker who sowed division everywhere.  Revelation says it clearly when praising the Ephesians for rejecting the false apostle and turning away from him.  Paul says specifically he was rejected in Asia where Ephesus is.  Jesus chose 12 Apostles and they replaced Judas after he died.  Revelation says there are 12 thrones in heaven for the Apostles. So, which Apostles throne is Paul taking? The answer is simple, none!  With that in mind, Paul did speak a LOT of truth, but he mixed in that little lie here and there which if you will take note is used to stir up dissension in the body of Christ / church and is used by Satan to accuse the church of wrong.

With all that said, please enjoy the following lesson on The Parable of the Fig Tree.  Dr. Murray is a very good teacher.

I pray you will stand in the day of temptation.  Satan seeks to seduce you with lies as he did to Eve.  Do not be fooled my friends.


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