Civil Service Worker “They are Gearing Up for Something BIG!”

I found this and thought I would pass it along. Of course it’s not verified and thus one must look for cooberating evidence to back up his story. I will tell you this, there are a LOT of foreign troops on U.S. soil.  The Chinese have total control of many of our ports and thus verifying what is being shipped in is next to impossible.  DHS has been shipping a lot of armor, tanks, guns, bullets, automatic rifles all over the country.

N. Korea keeps threatening nuclear war.  The message about that is happening is from a civil service construction worker who is on the ground at Barksdale Air Force base.

There have been a lot of forced retirement of “old guard” military which makes me think they (Obama and his handlers) are putting their men in position to carry out their orders.  They are shipping our young fighting age men all over the world and pushing for gun control and labeling vets as mentally ill who have zero history of mental illness.  They are deemed mentally ill because they served in combat! Thus, their guns are being taken illegally without warrants. With the recent looming catastrophe in Louisiana, could this be preparation for a man caused explosion of the massive underground gas in the collapsing salt dome?  If it goes, it will be the equivalent of 300 Hiroshima nuclear explosions.

I believe we need to be on high alert.  Get your supplies in order, have extra food, propane, full tank of gas, and plenty of water. A Military Intelligence officer stated,

“We are going to see a real test, now.” He then said that he heard “Intelligence says there will be an attack on American soil.”

Where is Barksdale AFB?

It is near Bossier City Louisiana.

Per Wiki:

The 2d Bomb Wing conducts the primary mission of Barksdale Air Force Base, La., with three squadrons of B-52H Stratofortress bombers – the 11th Bomb Squadron, which is the training squadron, the 20th Bomb Squadron and the 96th Bomb Squadron. Together they ensure the 2d Bomb Wing provides flexible, responsive, global combat capability, autonomously or in concert with other forces, and trains all active-duty and reserve B-52 crews.

The 2d Bomb Wing was assigned to the Air Force Global Strike Command on 1 February 2010. Air Force Global Strike Command provides combat ready forces to conduct strategic nuclear deterrence and global strike operations in support of combatant commanders. More than 15,000 active-duty, Air Force Reserve members and civilians make up Barksdale’s workforce. About 44 B-52 Stratofortress aircraft are also assigned to the wing.

With all that in mind, read the following:

THEY ARE GEARING UP FOR SOMETHING BIG–His exact words were, ‘They are shipping some serious s*** over there’

I just spoke with a close associate who has been working for the last three years at Barksdale AFB, on various construction projects. Likely, you will not remember that I wrote you about 6 weeks ago to ask for prayers for people in that area. This man is just a guy…a construction worker…been there all his life…salt of the earth kind of guy. In his words…”I am just a working man…doing the best I can do.”

To let you know, I have cautioned him, and literally begged him to leave that area…but he wants to hang on for as long as he can, so that he can tell people what he is seeing, and hearing…but it may be that he is finally rattled enough to pick up stakes and get out of there now. I am praying that he gets out soon.

Tonight, he called to let me know that the security and activity at Barksdale has been stepped up in his words, “by 300%”.

I asked as many questions as I felt that I could and took notes so that I could simply use his quotes to accurately report what he has stated.

“We were working on a scheduled job in the munitions dump area…building new blast walls, when AF personnel came in and told us we had to leave right now. We asked if were being given a “work stoppage order.” They replied “Get out now.” and escorted us out. “More like they rushed us out.”

On April 1, AF Chief of Staff and a bunch of other DoD dignitaries flew in to Barksdale. Those coming on the base usually have a sidearm and maybe a rifle, but since the 1st, “dignitaries are also wearing flak jackets.”

“They are gearing up for something big.”

“They are bringing in serious junk.”

“Moving in warheads…I was working in an area where cruise missles are brought in, put together, armed, and shipped out.”

His exact words were, “They are shipping some serious s*** over there.”

(Here I tried to ascertain whether these were going on ships or planes.)

He replied that “they are going everywhere.” He also stated that “they dropped a bunch dummy bombs on some islands off the coast of North Korea”..(I just read a confirmation of that from an intelligence newsletter, and confirmed by WND an hour ago.)

I asked him if Chinese officers were still on base. He replied that he had not been working in the area in which he first saw them, for the last three weeks, but he did say this…”The Chinese and the Russians are here…let me put it this way…everybody in the UN plus a few more are in here. (US)”

He heard and directly quoted one officer referring to the testing of anti-ballistic missile defense system, “We are going to see a real test, now.” He then said that he heard “Intelligence says there will be an attack on American soil.”

He then stated that these defense missile systems were ” being shipped to several bases.”

Now he is a construction worker, and has been on the base which has contracted the company he works for, with over 40 different jobs. He said that in those three years, he has never seen it this way. His overwhelming impression is that our forces are mostly scattered, a huge number of foreign military personnel are in the US, many foreign officers have been at Barksdale for about 6 weeks that he knows of, and that “anything can happen,” and “it looks like it will happen real quick.”

I’ll translate that last statement in case you don’t speak “Southern”…

What he meant by that is that whatever is actually going on, North Korea notwithstanding, something is about to happen, it is about to happen soon, and there is no way we will ever be able to know the truth about it, who did what, when, where and why, but that whatever it is, we are sitting ducks for anything.”

He said, “You know, when I was in school, there was always somebody pushing for a fight, trying to start a fight, or get a fight stirred up. That is what this reminds me of…when I was in school…and somebody always wanted to see a fight.”

He then asked for prayers. So I am asking you to join in prayers for him…for all of them…

Apr 5, 2013


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