Bill Brockbrader / Woods Admits He’s a Child Rapist

If you have read this blog long, you will know I came out immediately denouncing this character Bill Brockbrader / aka Bill Woods who was claiming to be a secret Navy Seal whistle blower.  Now the truth is coming out.  Here is a great video about it, and Bill lying his mouth off.  If you like to be lied to, then this is your guy.  This sort of thing is what brings the “truth” movement into ill repute.  When you embrace a lying pedophile who is telling amazing stories of secret military craft and contact with aliens, then you look like an idiot and all truthers are tarred with the “Brockbrader” brush:

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You can read it here as well:

So, this is who Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock, Bill Ryan, and their supporters push out as a truther.  This is why the world will go to hell because so many hate the government so much, the foundation of America so much, that they would rather believe a child rapist than the evidence handed to them on a silver platter, thus tainting all material they touch.  They are the DISINFORMATION AGENTS who turn people way from truth because of their lies.

Here is the interview / chat I put on youtube when David Wilcock brought out another fake “Drake”.  These people are going to push us into the NWO religion and civil war.  They are excellent helpers to the elites.


2 comments on “Bill Brockbrader / Woods Admits He’s a Child Rapist

  1. The truth is not as clear as you think it is, and that is by design. Your certainty and your pride will be your downfall. Brockbrader either told the truth when he admitted he lied, or he lied to the court when he said he lied. And do we know the real reason why he lies? Do we know the whole story? I doubt it.

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