Lie to Me

It seems the people want to be lied to.  You try to share information and their first reaction is, “Oh that’s a silly conspiracy” or “why do you waste your time worrying about this stuff”, and it comes from a place of fear.  They want to pretend the world will continue as it has, America will be the same, and their happy upper middle class lifestyle will not be affected and to think otherwise would be to consider a very fearful thing to them and that is the end of their way of life.

Can you trust the media? Are people just nuts to think the media is in cahoots with nefarious government elites who want to subvert our rights and control everything?

I will add to this later… so look for an update.  I think my own problem of why I can’t let this stuff go, is also something I have to look out for.  Can you love the Lord and Savior so much you want it all the just come crashing down? I think you can.


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