FBI Whistleblower on Criminal Forensics Framing Innocent Americans

Dr. Whitehurst, former head of the FBI crime lab revealed due to the over-burden on the forensics departments there is a lot of dry labbing happening.   What is dry labbing?

“Dry-labbing” is a term used in the laboratory community for when a person claims to follow proper protocols for research and testing, but in reality, pulled the results out of thin air without doing any research or testing.  For those of us not in the laboratory community, it is easier to think of dry-labbing as lying, deceiving, fabricating, and now “Dookhan-ing.”

Annie Dookhan, a former Massachusetts chemist is making national headlines for allegedly “dry-labbing” as many as 60,000 drug samples used in 34,000 criminal cases over the past eight to nine years. The count of current inmates affected is now over 1,100.   http://duinewsblog.org/2012/09/28/annie-dookhan-disaster/

These people in crime labs are IMMUNE from prosecution! Imagine if a doctors office was caught dry labbing your medical tests?  They would be sued and in court so fact their heads would spin.  Imagine if you or your loved one was up against falsified police reports and evidence!  This is not just an interesting story, but a tragedy and how many people’s lives have these criminal forensics people ruined?  You must listen to Dr. Whitehurst.

Here is the first segment:




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