Liberia Documentary – Cannibalism, murder ignored by America

I have to say I was completely ignorant as to what has happened in Liberia.  Aside from knowing it was where some freed black slaves went to go back to Africa, I really did not know it’s recent or past history.  Murder, mayhem, cannibalism and slavery seem to run rampant there.  This documentary is hard to watch and not politically correct to say the least.  My heart breaks for the people and I wonder why America ignores this terrible situation when we seem hell bent on telling functioning Middle East countries what to do:

Warning of Graphic Language


2 comments on “Liberia Documentary – Cannibalism, murder ignored by America

  1. It is heart-breaking to me to see what has become of such a fine nation as Liberia once was, and it makes me respect all the more places like Ghana which have kept some semblance of political stability. Any nation can become like Liberia if it has been crapped on enough…may God help those poor people!

  2. Why do they eat each other? Are they just really hungry or are they those types that think you inherit the skills and power of those you eat?

    The Maoris here in NZ used to eat each other too. The very odd case still does. When the ‘white man’ got here they brought pork. The odd white man got eaten too- The Maoris called it ‘long pork’.

    Eating each other is common in black cultures. Captured slaves are used as a mobile food supply. They have no refridgerators you see.

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