Ark of the Covenant Found

Years ago I became aware of the work of Ron Wyatt who made amazing discoveries relating to biblical places.  This video is truly wonderful and I believe it is possible that the Ark of the Covenant is exactly where Mr. Wyatt claimed it to be.  As Yeshua our Messiah became our Passover sacrificial lamb, his blood would have to be dripped onto the cover of the Ark of the Covenant.  Yeshua is both a King and a High Priest because of his lineage.

In order to complete the sin offering to atone for sins, his blood would have to be dripped their by the High Priest, and it seems that Mr. Wyatt did put the pieces of the puzzle together.  I hope you enjoy this video:

Ron gives more information of what is to happen with the Ark

Ron Wyatt said an angel told him that the evidence of the stone tablets inside the ark would be presented to the world when the mark of the beast became law.  That the mark of the beast would require you to break God’s commandments, but if you refuse to do that they you will receive the seal of God and overcome.  How well are you doing with keeping them? I struggle with them because I am weak.  I pray daily for a sincere heart that is not double, but single towards loving God.  I am reminded each day that I get older just how special Messiah truly is, that he never failed to keep the law, and said, that not one single jot nor tittle would pass from the law until all these prophecies are fulfilled.

It is only through his love that we can strive to live our lives in accordance with Yahovah’s laws and be blessed by Him.  I do hope this information gives you hope for the future because God is calling us, and wants us to make our choices and follow the path Yeshua set that is founded in love.


It was on my heart to look a little more into what Mr. Wyatt shared, and on his deathbed in 1999 he said some interesting things. One of them was about the warning of the breaking of the law of God particularly by obeying a “Sunday Law” which would be the mark of the beast.

Read this full page, as it will lead to a better understanding of enforced Sunday law.Please excuse the legislative errors throughout the piece, as they are direct quotations from published legal documents relating to the 
Henry Blair Bill from 1889, a satanic, retaliatory action; in direct relation to God’s Latter rain, revival message of 1888;delivered by Elders Jones and Waggoner at the Minneapolis Seventh-day Adventist General
Conference Meeting.

President Elect Barack Hussein Obama’s Blogger Discussed ReinstatingSunday Laws

In the above recent Blog article, President Elect, Barack Hussein Obama’s Administration permits the discussion of reinstating Sunday law, as a means of reinstituting a day of rest. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO RESEARCH,IDENTIFYING A SUNDAY-SABBATH STATUTE THAT WAS INSTITUTED BY EMPEROR  
CONSTANTINE IN AD 321.This is most worrisome for Sabbatarians as we are familiar with this fast spreading trend which appears to be the fulfillment of the Forthcoming Enforced Sunday Law, the Mark of the Beast.
Here is what Ron shared:
If you want to see just what has been happening around the world regarding this “Sunday Law” visit:


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