Obama Admits Fema Camps are Detention Camps

I do believe Hitler had his detention camps which we know were used to get rid of people he deemed necessary for the good of Germany and the world.  Now Obama has admitted to the Fema Camps being for prolonged detention!  For years the mainstream media denied these camps existed despite proof in videos and citizen journalist articles.  You are just a tin hat wearing conspiracy nut job remember? Now, they admit we were right, but they are not going to tell the whole story.  I will post a few videos I believe are pertinent for Americans to understand the steps that have been taken for nearly twenty years.

Fema camps are not new.  They’ve just been denied existing while they put up hundreds around the country.  The government is hiring people for “detention center” jobs.  The Department of Homeland Security (think SS squads) has purchased thousands of tanks to be used against Americans.  DHS has purchased enough hollow point (Illegal to use against the enemy during war) to wage a full scale war against the American people for 30 years all while trying to take away our right to own weapons.   They have purchased fully automatic weapons to use against the American people while telling us we should not even have semi-automatic rifles! King George was just alive at the wrong time folks!

Now, ask yourself, “Does it appear the government is preparing an action against Americans?” If we do nothing they will continue to destroy America. If we rise up, they have their excuse to declare war on us.  I believe the States need to stop sending tax dollars. All Federal offices in the States need to be shut down, IRS, DHS,BATF, etc.  need to be told they are no longer welcome to act.  Cut off the money.

Open soup kitchens and help these people find honorable work in their states.  We don’t need to destroy them.  If they don’t like it, then deport them to their masters in Washington D.C. and let them figure out how to take care of them.  It’s time to say no, and cut off the funding.


2 comments on “Obama Admits Fema Camps are Detention Camps

  1. You really nailed the Catch-22 that we are currently facing: if we do nothing then Caesar’s plan go forward unimpeded, and if we take action then we give him the pretext for martial law. America has been maneuvered into a no-win situation, and only God can deliver us now…

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