Truthers Deceiving the World

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Knowing what is true vs what is not true is important for many reasons, but the chief one for me is that is how one sets the course of their life. How can you make future plans if you don’t have a clue about what is going to happen?  Now, of course unforeseen things do happen, but what about things we should know and understand?  And, what if what you have based the whole foundation of your thought process on is a lie?

I have been kicked off of many “alternative truth movement” forums.  There is a distinct false love and unity talk that frankly makes me ill.  Just ask a few probing questions and watch all the “Love and Light” preachers on said forum show their true colors, bear their fangs and claws as they begin to personally attack and figuratively / energetically dismember and assault you.

There is truth.  There isn’t a different truth for everyone.  Someone is being delusional.   Now, I am not saying I have absolute truth, but there is truth.  It’s my goal to find it, and that is why when I heard this man, Chris White, whom I respect, I thought everyone who claims to be a “truther” should listen to what he is saying.  I’ve said the same thing for years and my reward is to be summarily thrown out of any group of “truthers” I seek to share my thoughts and discoveries.

I distrust ANY source that is popular.  I don’t ignore them. I go to Infowars, Breitbart, Project Avalon, Above Top Secret, Before It’s News etc., but I know no one is truly allowed to grow in the media (David Icke, David Wilcock, Tsarion, among a few) unless they are helping the elites agenda along.  I am not saying they are in secret meetings. I am saying, they have bought into some lie the elites have programmed them with and they are let loose on us.  Some are out to make a buck off of the gullible.  Now that 2012 has come and gone are you still listening to those people who said we would have this massive awakening, cosmic shift, pole realignment and energy changes to the 5th dimension? Really?  You must now want to be a sucker.  There’s one born every minute.


2 comments on “Truthers Deceiving the World

  1. That is why I test everything against the Word of God…there is a lot of good information out there, but there is also a lot of crap that is no more true than the garbage spewed by Caesar and his government. And I agree, you don’t get very far in broadcasting without bowing down before the globalists to one extent or another.

  2. Serenity,
    You post some really fine material! I do not know where in the world you find the time to bring so much out, but I am sure glad that somehow you do. … Frankly, I don’t have the time or ability to research and find what I find here. That said, we all have our own calling. …

    Having looked down upon myself, seeing the Marines & V.C going at it near Da Nang, on a location that I had no business being at what-so-ever, and then passing through what I can only describe as three very bright white clouds, and then hearing in a man’s voice convincingly state “John, it is not time for you to come any further”, I can state, to and for myself at a minimum, that I do know at least one Truth – in short – we all have a Soul that carries on just as we are, sitting where & with who we are, after our flesh lies down.

    Glad to have found you –


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