Obama Pushing Russia – Medvedev Threatens Nuclear War

This is just more proof that there are shadow powers pushing for WWIII.  America will be blamed and we will be pushed to disarm because of our aggressive acts against third world countries we determine we need to police such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran etc..  We claim it’s about terrorism and yet our first moves are to re-establish conglomerate big oil control in those regions.  Amazingly, the war to stop the Middle East’s worst dictator from killing his people and their children has cost the Iraqi people over 1,000,000 lives!  War for peace right?

Joseph Goebbels

It’s not American arrogance. It is called propaganda and our media took very good notes for Joseph Goebbels and Bernays.

War is big business.   Just as cancer is big business.  Follow the money folks.  Who benefits from these wars?  Russia is not just reacting to what America is doing.  They play their own role.  All of these world leaders are in it for the almighty desire of power and control.  None of their hands are clean. No one is the victim here.  They are played as pawns and when their usefulness (Sadaam Hussein, Noreaga ) is over, they are crucified in the press and suddenly public enemy #1.  So, now Russia is threatening nuclear war:





How to make a terrorist



One comment on “Obama Pushing Russia – Medvedev Threatens Nuclear War

  1. it is very ironic to me that for the first time in my life I agree more with the position of the government than with our own, but then for the first time in my life we have a dangerous megalomaniac distcator sitting in the White House. Obama must go, but at this late stage I don’t believe that it will happen nor that it would make much difference.

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