As in the days of Noah – Giants / Nephilim to return?

Imagine living among giants. Imagine those giants hate all humans.

Yeshua said that the last days would be as the days of Noah.  From Genesis 6 we know that the unique aspect was that there were fallen angels mixing with women and they bore children that were giants.  That only Noah and his family had not been polluted genetically, and that Yahovah used the flood to wipe out most of the Geber / Giants.

If you study the scriptures, then you will know that the Raphaim were the giants and the Nephilim were the angels who refused to be born again, and instead left their proper habitation and just mixed with women.  These angels were locked up in chains by Yahovah until judgment day.  We learn from the book of Enoch which is quoted in the bible that these giants became the demonic spirits that still trouble us today.  This interview with Steve Quayle is interesting.  There is evidence of giants on the earth.  They were mighty men, tall, huge, and very intelligent.  They were evil, ate people, and practiced such debauchery it is unimaginable.  So, are we seeing the coming of angels again, and the making of giants and dna manipulated animals?  Evidence you ask? Watch and learn.

I will say this about Steve’s take on Paul.  Yeshua said that if ANY claimed to have met him anywhere after he ascended to believe them not for they are a LIAR!  Paul gave 3 different accounts.  Paul had NO witness, though he claimed 2 with him.  There are 12 thrones for Apostles. Yeshua picked 12. Paul was a tent maker.  Cain was cursed to dwell in tents. Paul’s writings cause 90% of the division in the church. He mixes 10% lies with 90% truth.  Paul is NOT an Apostle.  God praised Ephesus for denying Paul. Paul said he was denied.  It is Paul who says to obey those in authority in government over you and yet Steve goes on about speeding is ok.  So, which is it Steve?  Your unwillingness to examine the facts about Paul is a chink in your holier than thou armor.  Speaking with authority does not make you right Steve, but other than that, I do appreciate your work.

You can do a search regarding Paul’s gospel vs. Yeshua’s gospel on this blog.

Obviously, Photoshop is said to be the culprit of ALL the images; however some of these images are from very old newspapers and accounts.  We do know of the Philistine giant, Goliath, who had brothers and that David picked out enough stones to destroy them all.

   Finger Of A Giant Found In Egypt

“A 15 inch long human finger has been found in Egypt and pictures of it are

being released for the very first time. broke this story, and it is spreading like fire all over the Internet.  According to, the pictures of this finger were taken by a researcher named Gregor Spörri in Egypt in 1988.  The mummified finger would be considered to be human except for the fact that it is way, way too large to have come from a human hand.  As mentioned earlier, the giant finger is 15 inches long.  It is projected that the person that this finger came from would have been more than 16 feet tall!  You can see more pictures of this amazing find on  As you can tell from the picture above, the fingernail is clearly visible.  This truly is a remarkable specimen.  So is this really a finger of a giant that once lived in Egypt? ” SOURCE  

   Giant Footprints

“Any evidence that emerges that threatens the theory of evolution (especially if it supports the Bible) is rapidly “reinterpreted”, hushed up or brushed under the rug.  The reality is that most members of the “scientific community” will simply not even consider any evidence that giants once existed because according to them it “can’t” possibly be true.

A picture of Goliath’s Footprint can be seen at the top of this article.  This giant footprint is located near the town of Mpaluzi, close to the Swaziland border.  It is approximately four feet long and it is starting to get a lot more publicity around the globe. ” SOURCE

Video Description

“This amazing footprint in granite was discovered in 1912 by a hunter called Stoffel Coetzee, while hunting in the remote area. At the time this was a deeply remote part of South Africa known as the Eastern Transvaal, teeming with wild life, including antelope and lions. It remains in the same condition as it was when first discovered and the possibility that this was a carved hoax is extremely low because of its remote location. Even today, it is difficult to find.”

In the early part of the 20th century there were even reports of fossilized giants being found in America.  For example, the following comes from an article that appeared in the Postville Herald on November 7th, 1919….

The fossilized remains of a giant measuring 32 feet 10 Inches in height were, according to a report recently discovered by workmen near the little village of Nanacamilpa, State of Vera Cruz.

The natives, who still cling to many of the traditions of their Indian ancestors, declared the giant was related to the gods of their forefathers.

They erected a catafalque in the plaza on which the giant rested in state for many days, covered with flowers and at night carefully guarded. The discovery attracted the attention of scientists here. Manuel Ganomo director of anthropology at the National museum, expects to leave soon for Nanacamilpa to investigate.

    An article from Strand magazine (December,1895) reprinted in “Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland” by W.G. Wood-Martin mentions this fossilized giant discovered during mining operations in County Antrim, Ireland: “Pre-eminent among the most extraordinary articles ever held by a railway company is the fossilized Irish giant, which is at this moment lying at the London and North-Western Railway Company’s Broad street goods depot, and a photograph of which is reproduced here. . . This monstrous figure is reputed to have been dug up by a Mr. Dyer whilst prospecting for iron ore in County Antrim. The principal measurements are: entire length, 12ft. 2in.; girth of chest, 6ft. 6in.; and length of arms, 4ft. 6in. There are six toes on the right foot. The gross weight is 2 tons 15cwt.; so that it took half a dozen men and a powerful crane to place this article of lost property in position for the Strand magazine artist. Dyer, after showing the giant in Dublin, came to England with his queer find and exhibited it in Liverpool and Manchester at sixpence, sixpence a head, attracting scientific men as well as gaping sightseers”.  SOURCE

What would it be like to be near one of these giants?  This is where the old tales of half men half gods came from in mythology.

Here is another interview dealing with American History on Coast to Coast:


19 comments on “As in the days of Noah – Giants / Nephilim to return?

  1. There is so much of ancient history that the scientific community keeps trying to hide that it’s not funny, and this is one of them. Science is notorioously conservative and among scientists anything that calls into question the conventional wisdom is dismissed as fabrications or shoddy scholarship – look at the vilification that serious researchers such as Velikovsky and Barry Fell endured in the name of scientific orthodoxy!

  2. Are you kidding me?! In the first place, if giant skeletons of Nephillim were discovered it would be world wide news, not something geeky teenage boys would photo shop on a web site. Second, the average height for a man back in the ancient days was 5 feet for men and 4 feet for women, so all our 6 feeters would seem like giants to most of Noah’s people. The Anti christ could come from cloning, too. Let’s just keep our eyes on Christ.

    • How much research have you done on this? I have looked into this for years. There are very old accounts of these skeletons and they are always stolen and taken away and hidden. That gives you the excuse to deny them cause why would anyone do this right?

      They were big news way back when. Plus, I do believe in the bible and we were told about giants. I believe Goliath and his 4 brothers were real, do you? Yeshua told us as in the days of Noah so shall it be when he returns. Why did God send the flood? He sent it to wipe out the giants who were destroying the people and Adamic bloodline. Why can’t you just share your views without the extreme emotion?

      More truth is learned in calm discussion than over emotional and accusatory comments.

      • AAAYYYMMMENNN!!!! I believe that all the efforts to sexualize even children under 13 is to have a wider variety of depravity available to our leaders. I believe these leaders or the elites are, in fact, Satanists and need more partners with whom to practice all their immoral desires with. A recent celebration of a tunnel in Europe shows pretty blatant ungodly worship. I believe the celebration was hidden from the American eyes as we are not far enough down the Satanic path to generally be ok with it yet. I believe that all the immoral sex involving younger and younger people is to get ready for the fallen ones. They will again want to mate with the female humans….They will want all humans to be available, and the immoral leaders of the world are perfectly happy to dip their quills into that ever expanding and deepening ink well as well .

    • I used to think that the world media would fill us in on any newsworthy events, until Paris went up in large riots and a British MP was killed and….nothing on any news outlet I accessed paper or video or radio. I tend now to think the global media will hide ANYTHING they need to in order to protect the elites.

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  4. You might have done a lot of research but you sure dont seam to have read the bible . Can you give any more scriptural evidence for the return of the nephalin ? Or explain your exegesis of luke 17 to arrive at you conclusion ? other wise it appears bogus in the extreme to get this meaning from the bible and is a prime exale of cherry picking rather that reading the bible in context
    The bible mentions giants a lot so it no surprise you might find a few. As for looking forward to fighting nephlim hybrids in the end time not once, which is surprising when meditating of the level of detail discussed in the writings of the john the revelator in the bible. Guess he goofed up and forgot that bit right ?

    People like steve quale and L a marzuli like to scare people that don’t read the bible with this like a big stick and make a fair few sharckels. They scared me to until I read the words of my savior telling me to have faith.
    However if you read that passage complete with references to thives in the nigh AND the return of a slaves master I find it very deceptive to suggest this means the nephalin will return. jesus is ssaying his return will be swift and unexpected and come upon the people like the flood in noahs time.
    Some links
    The Meaning of the Word Nephilim is Giants
    La marzule dizdar debunk
    chris white video

    exegesis of luke
    section covering luke 17
    “Jesus compares the day of that arrival to the times of Noah and Lot. The two examples are parallel. Life went on with eating, drinking, marriage, buying and selling–and then judgment came. For one it was the flood, for the other fire and sulfur. But to be outside the family that day was to face instant judgment. The time of the Son of Man will be no different: it will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed.”

    • You’re welcome to your thoughts and to dismiss this aspect of giants on the earth. I gave evidence of their existing.

      If this is the only post of mine you have read, then you don’t realize that I deal with a lot of topics. In fact, the example of Yeshua speaking of them giving and taking in marriage is much more to do with marrying antichrist and thinking they are with Messiah Yeshua.

      There is plenty of evidence that giants existed after the flood of Noah. Do you believe Lucifer is the antichrist? Do you think he will be here or do you think that is just spiritual deception?

      Eve was completely seduced by him, and while the spirit of antichrist is rampant in the world, he will be cast out of heaven by Michael very soon. At least they will finally have some peace up there.

      I could cast aspersions upon your walk, your study, but I choose to not drop to your level. If you really wanted to discuss this, then it might be fruitful as sword upon sword, but you don’t seem to want a loving discussion, but one of chastisement and mean spirited.

      The fact is they were giving and taking in marriage to the sons of God, the fallen ones. You choose to make it about them being oblivious to the coming destruction, and I see it differently.

      Lot was not about the Nephilim; however, your take of two types of destruction is applicable.

  5. Im up for the discussion I will be polite but I will also call people out cherry picking bit of the bible in a deceitful manner to scare people needlessly. I actually belived this my self and was scared by it so I will call people out trying to say this is what he bible says. You are free to believe nephilim are a threat and real. However if you twist the scriptur particually the mattew verse “But as the days of noah” of the holy bile to try and make your point I will call you out.
    My issue is with cherry picking the bible and people being scared by blatant misrepresentation of the bible . For instance Why not have the complete quote from the bible ?
    You say
    “Yeshua said that the last days would be as the days of Noah” Then immediately you in to tell us about the nephilim.This is bogus because it does not mean we will be facing nephillim in fact it mebtion NOTHING about nephliim so why Why not include the full quote ? it certainly does not mention Nephillim
    Matthew 24:37-41

    37But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 40Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. 41Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
    fill you boots up buy all of steve quales books (and gold) Also you can buy all of L A Marrluzies books if you like so you can be ready. I guess as Jesus missed telling us all about of the nephllim stuff fifty dollers is quite cheep.
    As a holy spirt filled Christian you have the right to banish demon in the saviors’ name agreed ?
    So even if these creatures arrive there is the issue of if in fact these creatures are part demon the battle with a holy ghost indwelled christen would last as long as it took the christen to say I rebuke you to the abis in the name of Jesus Christ Right ?
    Don’t you think if your going to scare people halve to death you might as well remind them that any battles with Christians and a demon would run out like David and coliath mark two right or wrong ?
    There is also the issue off salvation for people that believe they are nephallim or have been told that are nephillim hybribs after people have read stuff similar to your blog and are now convinced the nutter in the church is now a nephillim hybrid. They have been told they are out side of god grace and salvation because they are nephillim hyprids what you feel about that ? is that a loving spirt? Or the spiri of the antichrist ?
    I know which for sure
    I do know one thing though The Nephillim are very good for book sales and blog hits
    As for giant existing got no problem with that at all the bible full of them

    • I am not cherry picking a verse, but apparently needed to spell it out the full degree for you. I have done so elsewhere when discussing this topic.

      It appears you find the reference to Noah’s day to be about them going on about life, eating and drinking without a care. I believe the deeper message is what was going on that set Noah and his family apart from the rest of society. What set Noah and his family apart? It was that he alone of Adam’s children had remained of pure geneology and had not mixed with the fallen sons of God. We see what was happening in Genesis 6 leading up to destroying the people:

      Gen 6:1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

      Gen 6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

      Gen 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

      Gen 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

      Gen 6:5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

      These sons of God were marrying the daughters of men. Yeshua / Jesus mentions this marrying in the days of Noah and Genesis 6 tells us was doing the marrying. They went after strange flesh just as the people in Sodom and Gomorrah desired of the angels visiting Lot. So, what do we see about Noah?

      Gen 6:8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

      Gen 6:9 These are the generations H8435 of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect H8549 in his generations H1755, and Noah walked with God.

      It is interesting to note that the word “generations” is not the same each time. That is very telling here, and what points back to both why God saved Noah, and points to the future apostasy of the church where the Lord then tells us of the ten virgins. Five were wise having oil representing spiritual truth / light and five were foolish. Five will not make it, but fall into deception per the book of Revelation. Thus, Noah represents the five wise virgins who do not marry out of season finding themselves with the antichrist / fallen one.

      תּלדה תּולדה
      tôledâh tôledâh
      to-led-aw’, to-led-aw’
      From H3205; (plural only) descent, that is, family; (figuratively) history: – birth, generations.

      Thus, this first word for generation is his family bloodline. They had not mixed with the fallen ones.

      From H8552; entire (literally, figuratively or morally); also (as noun) integrity, truth: – without blemish, complete, full, perfect, sincerely (-ity), sound, without spot, undefiled, upright (-ly), whole.

      דּר דּור
      dôr dôr
      dore, dore
      From H1752; properly a revolution of time, that is, an age or generation; also a dwelling: – age, X evermore, generation, [n-]ever, posterity.

      Here we see that Noah was both pure, without blemish, and upright among his peers.

      God was not going to permit these fallen ones to continue polluting the children of Adam. There is much more to what their influence was upon the people. Lucifer’s whole aim was to stop the prophecy of Messiah coming through the children of Adam and Eve. He almost succeeded, but Noah survived without having the bloodline polluted.

      Likewise, in the last days Lucifer will use such deception to seduce the bride of Messiah, and sadly most will succumb to the deception. They will not be pure when they declare Lucifer their Messiah, and when our Lord does return, they will weep and gnash their teeth proclaiming how they have served him, cast out demons, healed the sick and he will declare, “get away from me I never knew you!”

      Now, if you want to call that cherry picking, I disagree. The type and foreshadowing is very clear.

      I find the history of giant skeletons quite interesting. I believe there were once here and have since died out or simply learned to hide away. There are too many references to thsee giants, and the bible does say they were also alive after Noah’s flood, hence Goliath and Og. They would have been very powerful beings able to subdue most populations. Yet, this is why God had the Israelites wipe them out even the women and children. They were as grasshoppers in these being eyes. I can accept that as true history.

      I don’t believe they will return to be giants, but demonic beings seducing the people playing good servant of God when they are anything but that. In fact, I believe all the UFO’s are inter-dimensional craft guided by these fallen sons of God. I have rebuked them in the past and they have left from my region in the sky. You can disbelieve this if you want, but it is true.

      I have never said anyone was a hybrid offspring of the fallen ones. There are Kenites, but not once will you find me saying they are children of them now. You seem to be laying a lot at me that is from other sources.

      If people would learn to discuss things rather than just come out with a spirit of judgement, then we might help more people have oil in their lamps. What is coming before antichrist shows up will scare the people enough to eagerly grasp onto the false salvation. Disbelieve if you want, but we can agree to disagree at this point.

      Have you watched my video “Hour of Temptation”? It’s under “My Videos”.

  6. Another point about the idea of the return of the nephilim paradime
    (even though nephilim just means giant)
    One of the main proponents of the Nephaliim return is russ dizdar
    I am friends with him on face book
    One time he put picture up of an Indian kid who had come up snake eyes in the gene pool.He looked real freeky messed up eyes. I felt sorry for him but russ posed the question if it was a good idea to start hunting the Nephliim down already and dealing with them ? So it appeard he was saying this kid was a hybrid. This was soon removed as people started to ask questions about the vvalididty of picking on freaky looking deformed people and saying they are hybrids
    I find it quite interesting Russ removed this quick sharp but it is a interesting look at where in may lead to if it not stopped,

    • That would be a shame of people to take it upon themselves to rid the world of what they perceive to be nephilim. I know some people carry genetic mutations that make them continue to grow.

      There was one video of a freakishly large woman. Is she some giant offspring? I have no idea. I don’t really care to be honest. My point is that there were giants, Noah’s family remained pure, and were saved.

      It is incumbent upon the bride of Christ to stay spiritually pure and not fall prey to the lies that antichrist and his servants are spewing today.

      I think you are laying upon me teachings I have not said. Giving people information is part of what I do. I also tell them that I don’t agree 100% with anyone, to check everything out for themselves.

      What makes this woman so large? She is 7’8″ and does not have giantism. I dunno, but it is interesting. I don’t think we have a mandate or any such thing to harm anyone, but to love all and preach the good news.

      • Yes , the God WE follow said “Vengeance is mine saith The Lord.” He never needed our help to wipe out the unclean before. we’re called to spread the gospel and love one another. My God will fight His battles. I am told to keep myself in His ways and teach His ways. Its the other Islamic deity that calls for its people to kill all they feel are unacceptable. Just have faith and know that alive or dead we are fine, and no problem in this fleeting life is worth getting too upset about. Its all in His control, so (in the words of today) chill.

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