Satanic Link to number 11 and 11:11

I noticed the last few years so many people focusing on the number 11 or time 11:11.  They would say things like, I always look at the clock at exactly 11:11.  They would talk about odd synchronicity with the number 11.   When I first woke up spiritually and not only believed but for me KNEW the truth about the incredible gift of Yeshua and the sacred writings, I discovered that when I see repeating things that there is a deeper message.  It’s like we are being nagged and if we will just look a little deeper we will understand a spiritual truth.

In my early “born again” days as most would call accepting Messiah (not really an accurate term but commonly referred to as born again) I studied spiritual warfare for 3 years.  Everything is energy.  Nothing exists without energy and it is in this understanding that unified sacred prayer as well as unified unholy prayer works.  If you put something into motion via putting for energy to envisioning it and can get others to focus on that same thing, then it grows.  It’s a spiritual principle.  This is true for praying for the sick.  You don’t even have to tell them you are praying for them and it is scientifically proven that those prayed for recover more quickly on average than those who are not prayed for.  There is something about focused intent and thought.  This also works in dark magick. It is why large scale satanic inspired disasters are done.  The combined public horror and fascination feeds the “working” as they like to call it.

Check out these videos and the following information. I am laying out breadcrumbs.  If you desire to know the truth and If you are not ashamed to maybe you have been lied to or influenced by forces more powerful than you, then consider this information.  There is no sin in being ignorant.  The sin comes when you are shown the truth and evidence supporting it, and turn your back.  Then you are truly in jeopardy.  Only you will answer for yourself one day.  The is no other way to truth than seeing is cold and being honest with yourself.

This video shows how things are placed in our thoughts via symbols over time.  That there is a darker link to them, and it’s having a subliminal affect on you.  I am not putting all three parts in here. You can choose to continue on from youtube if you choose.

Well, there is a satanic link that goes back many years to the number 11.

From Aleister Crowley’s auto handwriting script, “The book of the Law” which he believed was given to him by Lucifer:

My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me.

So, Crowley’s stating Lucifer’s number is 11 and so it is his as well.  The five pointed star, with circle in the middle and colors black and red.  I can attest that black and red are the colors used in ceremonial magick and those who practice unholy arts.   Energetics works and if you think these are naive fools playing Harry Potter fantasies out, then you are the fool.  Energetics works when applied correctly and that is why they do it.  There is nothing sinister in affecting your environment if it is needed, othewise why pray for anything?  It is the motive of your heart, whom you glorify and give praise that matters.  These satanists believe they are doing the perfect will of their god, and they have a right to do it, it’s called FREE WILL.  Yahovah gave us that right and it is in exploring this freedom that we reveal the true nature of our souls, but are you acting upon full information?

Are you a sympathetic follower of New Age thought? There is much truth in it.  The best lies are hidden in 90% truth.  Do you know who is influencing your thinking? Is it Yahovah the creator of your soul or the imposter would be king Lucifer and his favorite things like the number 11?  Need more proof?

Here is an except on symbols

Symbology used in secret societies: Part II

By Gianni DeVincent Hayes:

Symbols, which are all around us, serve as a form of communication, especially by the secret societies which find a need to shroud their ideals, their philosophies, their plans, their religious beliefs, their ugliness in camouflage, lest the average person figure out their evil.

These signs, also called pictographs and ideograms, are not created idly. Instead, each is extensively thought out, sketched, re-drawn, voted on, re-designed, and finally approved. The symbol not only represents the object, group, product, but it also offers inside information to those who are a part of the clan.

Symbols may be characters, numbers, or other abstract or concrete depictions. A simple example is a yellow triangular road sign in the middle are black figures looking as though they’re walking. To Americans, this represents “pedestrian crossing,” even though no words were used to convey this message. There are many symbols that we don’t even think about but rather just naturally react to, such as a red traffic light. Instantly, we know it represents “stop.” Thus, symbols reach us not only on a conscious level, but subliminally as well. The lamb is symbolic of Agnes Dei and the sacrificial

Jesus Christ. And astrological signs are filled with various meanings.Another good example of the use of symbols and double entendres (multiple hidden meanings) is the commercial where a character named Bob needs to enrich his sex drive through a drug. The commercials feature him with a long iron in golfing, and a narrator who uses words that subliminally give the meaning of an erected penis, just as the golf club conveys. Many symbols are subliminal in nature.The globalists front endless volumes of symbols to convey their ideas to the same of their ilk without revealing what they mean to the general public. Just as Satan used Scripture to his advantage, he is equally notorious for perverting Christian symbols in mockery of Christ and in deception of the unknowing person. Such symbols, of many, include an inverted cross, the black mass, and a circle around a hexagram. Occultism often parallels the godly or what is holy, such as a raven instead of a dove. Most secret societies and their symbols operate out of Hegelian Dialectics, with the intent of taking something existing and manufacturing its opposite to create a blend or something new. As an example: Capitalism would be the something existing (thesis); Marxism would be its opposite (antithesis) and Fascism or Totalitarianism would be the blend or the new (synthesis). Symbols help clarify this for those in the Inner Circle. Freemasonry is built on symbology, with each symbol bearing several different meanings that can be manipulated by whoever is using them for whatever purpose is being presented. The malleability of symbols and their double entendres (multiple meanings) is what makes them so useful to the shadowy entities.Below are some symbols, many of which are New Age in nature, and representative of the New World Order. Much detail could be offered on each of these signs but due to lack of space, a brief overview will suffice. The authors of, or the sites where these cryptograms exist are noted in the text. Many of the ideographs or images below have alternative symbols.
The Great Seal = As seen on the one-dollar bill, it’s e front is dialectical as it has an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch; one means war, the other peace. The reverse size is a truncated pyramid with the eye of Horus. Notice the pyramid/pantograph shape. It is believed that when the New World Order is entirely in place, the capstone will fit completed at the top of the pyramid. Triangles are very important in paganism and with the dark forces.

Peace Sign = also erroneously referred to as the Cross of Jesus, and the Cross of Nero, with a vertical line running from top to bottom, and the tip of a triangle intersecting it. Because it reflects an inverted cross, it is meant to ridicule the crucifixion of Christ, and thus is also called the “Dead Man Rune.” (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell on = Three sixes (man’s number) in any form represent Satan (mark of the beast: Rev. 13:18); sometimes they look like upside down 9s, capital Fs, or three intertwined rings. (Diagrammed by Pastor Billy Bissell on

Caduceus & the Rod of Asclepius: Believed to be part of the medical practice, this symbol is a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. However, the medical symbol is actually the Rod of Asclepius. The caduceus has origins dating back to an astrological cryptogram, and is linked to Hermes, a Greek god of mythology who is supposed to conduct the dead and protect merchants. Writers and journalists understand it as a conveyor of messages, which is what writing does. It is sometimes mistakenly used as a symbol for medicine when in actuality the Rod of Asclepius is symbolic of the medical practice. It has only one snake and no wings. The “Rod” symbol represents Asclepius or the son of Apollo, as he was known in Roman mythology. Apollo was also known for his delivery of the deadly and fatal plague. The centaur taught Apollo medicine, and centaurs were a hybrid race of part-humans and part-horses. Chiron was a noted centaur noted for their raucous drinking. Disney — believed to be a serious occultist [] — featured centaurs in many of his movies, such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Hercules. Both the caduceus and the “Rod” feature serpents.
Want to see more Luciferian symbology?  Check out Washington D.C..

What is going on with the number 11 then? 

  • The attacks took place on 9/11
  • 9+1+1 = 11
  • Each WTC Tower had 110 floors, which is a multiple of 11
  • The aircraft which ultimately hit the Pentagon was American Airlines Flight 77. 77 is another multiple of 11
  • American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane flown into World Trade Tower2, had 11 crewmembers. A total of 65 people were on Flight 11. 6+5 = 11
  • The second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the World Trade Tower 1 at 9:02 AM. 9+2 = 11
  • 9/11 is the 254th day of the year. 2+5+4 = 11
  • After 9/11, there are 111 days left in the year
  • New York City (where the major attack occurred) consists of 11 letters
  • New York was the 11th state admitted into the Union
  • President Bush ordered flags to fly at half mast until 9/22, making an 11 day period of mourning

And so on. At this point, our interest had been piqued, but little else. We had no way of knowing, or certainly proving, whether all these resonances were simply true coincidence or part of some other larger pattern. But given our previous research into such recurring symbolism, we felt impelled to at least look.

 The first place we started was with the date itself.

As many news agencies immediately pointed out, the week of 9/11 is the week of the Camp David Accords  — which made peace between Israel and Egypt in 1978 (with an official signing on March 26, 1979). But that seemed a bit too simplistic, so we kept digging. As it turns out, 9/11 is also an ancient date of special Middle Eastern significance. September the 11th is New Years Day in the ancient Egyptian Coptic Christian calendar. That the day must still hold special significance to the people of Egypt is reflected by the fact that Egypt ratified its current constitution on that same day in 1971.

But what immediately bothered us was this question: why would a terrorist pick this day — a day of unique significance to Christians in Egypt — against targets in a primarily ‘Judeo-Christian” country like the United States? And why these particular targets?

 As we demonstrated in “End of Days,” the US was founded essentially as a great “Masonic experiment.” Most of the driving forces and compelling personalities behind the American Revolution originated in the Masonic lodges of the time. The evidence of a pervasive Masonic influence is present throughout our culture, then … and now:  in our symbols (looked at a dollar bill lately?); architecture (how about the WashingtonMonument?); and traditions (what is the real reason July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day?).

 What is not commonly known is that the roots of modern Freemasonry extend far beyond the mid-eighteenth Century, all the way back to ancient Egypt, and more importantly; through a Middle Ages movement commonly known as the “Knight’s Templar.”

 It is, we now suspect, the remnants of this Templar/Masonic/American axis that were the true target of these attacks — in other words, September 11th was a direct thrust at the heart of the American Revolutionary Experiment … in the critical year (see below) of 2001.

In the Mythology of the Freemasons/Templars, one of the core legends is that of Jachin and Boaz … the “Twin Pillars” of Atlantis.

All Masonic lodges have these two pillars at some location in their architecture. In the earliest Lodges, they were said to represent far more ancient pillars, supposedly erected by “the children of Lamech.” On those ancient pillars — one of brick, one of stone — were said to be engraved all the then known sciences to preserve them from destruction “by fire or inundation.” As such, they symbolized the esoteric importance of the knowledge of the builder’s (mason’s) art, to be guarded and preserved by future faithful craftsmen. Simply put, according to Masonic legend, “the children of Lamech” were the inhabitants of Atlantis. This information, passed down from that prior highly advanced civilization, is supposed to form the basis of the Masonic secrets “from the ancient times.”

 Hundreds of years later, shortly before the American Revolution, these original representations of “ancient, preserved knowledge” were replaced in Masonic lodges with two brass pillars, representing two similar pillars originally erected at the entrance to King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem — the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz. The new Masonic pillars took on the symbolic attributes of “establishment” and “strength,” cleverly concealing their continuing representation of the great catastrophe which had destroyed a previous epoch of “high civilization,” beneath additional layers of almost impenetrable (for most non-members) new symbolic interpretation.

If this information is intriguing to you, there is a LOT more than I have shared from this site.

Start doing a search about how many people think there is something important linked to the number 11 and how it’s affected their lives in the last few years.  If you are stirred and feel you are in need of help.  You don’t need me or anyone else. Yeshua came and died for us.  He is the only one you need to ask to come into your heart, to heal you and forgive you of your sins.  We are all guilty, and no one can stand and say they don’t need forgiveness.  Do not let your heart be troubled any longer.  Simply ask Yeshua to come into your heart, to be your savior, and make you a new person with a clean heart and to lead you into all wisdom and understanding in His name.  God loves you more than you will ever know.

Now let me slap you in the face if you still doubt you are being programmed:

Although I dislike robot voice, the information is helpful

bush controller

13 comments on “Satanic Link to number 11 and 11:11

  1. It is always interesting to me to learn about the symbology behind our culture, so thanks for the great post. Contrary to what most “modern and enlightened” people think, symbols are important and have their own power based upon what they represent.

  2. I knew that the #11 was a satanic one but decided to look it up for more info because every time I look at the time I see #11 i.e. 11:00 or 11:01, or 11:11, 1:11, 2:11, 3:11 9:11, or 4:44, 6:44 (that is 11 x 4 =44) and this happens even at nights. I thought to myself “this is not funny but indeed really weird and I got to pray more fervently about this to drive this evil away”. I believe in these end days, there is evil power released by satan to torment and or control the minds of people but that I will never allow to happen to me, for I strongly believe and follow TORAH and so I will fight this evil with prayer and fasting for YHVH is my Avenger and in Him I trust. Blessed be His Holy Name.
    Thank you for all the above information. Blessings!!

    • Hi Soldier, thanks for sharing your thoughts and journey. We can only walk our walk and not get too bogged down in what Satan is doing, but at the same time be aware. Hence, be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Those who keep our Father’s word in love for Yeshua and the body of Messiah will come through this tough season of the Fig tree.

    • Extreme Bullshit!!!! 11 Is the reflection of Self, shattered into pieces like a mirror, 7 years bad luck is the average 70 yr cycle for mans life span. As long as We say things like “I am Joshua”, We have separation of SELF, which is the Self of All Selves. So 11 is Maya, or Illusion, and 11 is MAAT, or Truth.
      1111 is the Amino Acids creating new bodies, and these are you fake aliens and monsters of religion today. 11 is DNA, is The Matrix, is the Twin Pillars, etc. No need to waste anymore of my or your TIME.

  3. Read Matthew Delooze’s books and visit his website
    DO NOT WORSHIP ANYTHING! It is nothing more than a surrender ritual to make you give your power and authority away (without knowing) to something you know nothing about, even if you claim you do.

    SUSTAIN FREE WILL! Be the Super Saiyan or Neo by Raising your Consciousness to Christ level. Jesus was the Ancient Neo. Watch on Youtube: Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio.

    • I like Passio’s matrix decoded series; however, I find nothing wrong with glorifying our creator. Do you honestly think that God does not deserve our love, appreciation and adoration for all things created by Him? I’m curious if you think Jesus came to take away the sins of man.

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  6. I love your site, it absolutely cracks me up! Awesome, not that I agree with your view but I like how you put things together and the subjects of interest. Sad though because I so enjoy the synchronicity, actually I kinda count on it; not really sure about needing the paranoia thing… I’ll read more to see if the threads produce some of the story I know. The best understanding I have managed of 911 comes from Carl Jung, the insightful tower of the tarot and 25 years with DoD and DHS. Seeing it as a challenge for America to get its head out of its ass, but not sure if that has worked out yet…especially after last year ( And of course a trigger for the system to shift, which it did, thank the powers very much. Couldn’t have done it without humanity’s commitment to a flawed course of action; those gears are a little rusty after all. Anyway, I am fascinated to see how “Yeshua” deals with it and plan on watching a spectacular show. Nothing about this thing ya’ll call life has disappointed or failed to entertain; and now they have brought in the clowns. Damn! You sure do know how to please a girl.

    • Hi Pamela, thanks for your letter. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I have not been writing much lately, but doing plenty of research. I have felt the little tug to start posting some more. I cover so many topics, so if you want to drop a line on them, I’d love to year your viewpoints. I never mind disagreements if someone can share other information and we can have a productive discussion. Many blessings to you!


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