Programming the World for One God

Do you believe that the various people around the world worship the same God, but just use different terms or names?  Is the Muslim Allah the same as the Christian or Jewish Yahovah?  Is the Hindu Krishna the same?  Name any number of religions or gods.  Pan,  Zeus, Athena, Ishstar, Ra, Isis, are these all just different names for the creator of the universe?  One great philosopher said long ago that religion is like a man staring at a Moraccan lamp with it’s many colored panes of glass and God is the light inside.  I thought this was a wonderful saying because I believe man has within himself the desire to connect to the Divine.  This is all part of the Luciferian plan to replace the truth of the Divine Creator who told us all things through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and ultimately through Yeshua when He became the world of Yahovah made flesh.

I know accept my error.  While man may seek to know the creator of their souls, there are many who worship an idea of God, but it is not equal and the same for all.  This video is quite excellent in sharing the truth about the difference between the god of Muslims whom they call “Allah” and the God of Christians and Jews.


2 comments on “Programming the World for One God

  1. I believe that all of the world’s names for the Creator represent vague impressions of God, in line with His writing His laws upon their hearts, but the only true and accurate representation of God is found in the Scriptures, and if you looko closely you will always find the errors in all others…

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