DHS buys 2,700 armored vehicles for streets of America

Imagine your streets patrolled by such vehicles.  There is one purpose for these vehicles, and that is warfare.  Carry troops to areas of unrest, and be able to shoot at those whose activities are not approved by the new socialist government.  The Department of Homeland Security has purchased 2,700 of these vehicles which are basically light tanks.  They have bullet proof windows, resist mines, and are obviously meant to be a fortress against attacks.

Need a demonstration?  Watch this video about the Maxxpro MRAP, and notice it’s about survivability of the SOLDIER:

Their motto is


I think that is great for our soldiers, but homeland security?  Just who are they planning they need to defend themselves against?  They are planning for massive civil unrest, and if you are a true student of history, then you know that populations are programmed to think a certain way, and via the Hegelian Dialectic of Problem – Crisis – Solution one does not need to think to hard to realize that they want civil unrest and are pushing for it through the governments economic crisis creation.  The American people have been betrayed, and once they can no longer feed their families, drive cars because they can’t afford the gasoline, and feel they have lost everything, then they will “lose it”!

That is the goal, and thus they have created this coming crisis because they have a solution.  There was another despot who had a final solution, and he is reviled by the world.  His name was Adolph Hitler.  He came to power in a very dark time of economic desperate times in Germany.  Little by little he imposed gun laws such as registration and finally confiscation.  He created his own Homeland Security, and you can find the videos of his speeches as he spoke about the fatherland.  He created straw man arguments, blamed the Jews, and fomented hatred for all who did not take pride in his Germany.  The predictive programming is rampant.  The television is replete with shows about anarchy, crisis, home grown terrorist groups that good government agents put a stop to which is all meant to gin up the idea of how wonderful these brave government agents are and how bad patriots are.

Folks, the writing is clearly on the wall.  We are about to enter a time of terrible violence in America the likes we have never seen.  The President has put into law the right to kill Americans via drone attacks on his word alone.  We have drones patrolling our skies and now they apparently can tell if someone is armed.

May God help us, and not let our hearts fail when the final act is in motion.

For even more alarming information, read the latest article on Infowars.


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